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Thread: "no need to cry"

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    "no need to cry"

    Travel to the moon,
    The dream where you first appeared fades out,
    The light of the star I longed for is taken away,
    The smile I had to forget in order to be strong,
    For sure if we are together,
    We can take it back.

    Open your eyes,
    I'm here waiting for you
    There is a future different from now,
    I'm here waiting for you
    And I continue screaming,
    The thread that binds our hearts together is pulling
    To bring you by my side as before,
    No need to cry.

    Travel in silence,
    I extend my hand to feel you,
    Yet you're so far away
    That memory is etched within me,
    When I hear your voice as I close my eyes,
    Even a little pain is precious to me.

    See me now,
    I'm here waiting for you,
    When I'm all alone being blown by the wind
    I'm here waiting for you,
    I can see the entire sky.

    Truly inside my heart,
    My hands stretch out to protect your heart,
    Until you come back,
    No need to cry.

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    Re: "no need to cry"

    This poem shows alot of emotion.

    And that entire second stanza just struck a chord with me.... it made my heart sink. I could have told that second stanza to someone... and I used to feel exactly that way.

    But now... All I do is pray for someone who'll want to say these things to me. Life seems so one sided when you're the one feeling intensly for another, but you get nothing in return. Not from them... Not from anyone.

    But enough about me, back to your poem.

    Anyway... touching read. And this is one of your longer ones, which I appreciate as well. As always, you know I'm a fan, and I read when I can... >_^
    ... Not Ever Again...

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    Re: "no need to cry"

    wow... it is soooo beautiful... it's full of so much emotion. where have you been all my life? lol, j/k. where did you find the words that put this piece together? it is really good! lol,
    good job! keep it up.

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    Re: "no need to cry"

    Nice try, but this is the English translation of a song from the anime NANA. Do you have an original thought in your head, or do you consider yourself a poet because you can copy and paste other's work?

    Original lyrics:
    English translation: Olivia’s A Little Pain « The Otaku Shrine
    Video: YouTube - Olivia inspi' Reira(trapnest) Nana - A Little Pain

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