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Thread: No Strings Attached

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    No Strings Attached

    Walking down the street slowly I think every time I blink,
    I sink
    Into deep thoughts reminding me of you
    Outa the blue
    I remember those times,
    These are my rhymes
    Don’t mock me
    Whatever happens to me?
    Once again I will rise on my own, you will see.
    Wind passes by me, reminds me the scent of your hair
    Every time I talked to you,
    You had no time for me to spare
    Yeah my heart was bleeding in pain
    But you saw me complain
    I did whatever I could in order to maintain
    All my efforts went in vain

    There was a time when you use to be my friend
    Now you just pretend
    Walk right in front of me
    Like I am a worthless flea
    Your eyes are so beautiful, yet it is Pitiful
    Because you are one of the faded colors of my past
    Few days, few fights, our relationship didn’t last

    No strings attached
    My heart was detached,
    And the devil inside of you was hatched
    My heart is sore
    I call this my Encore

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    Re: No Strings Attached

    Rhyming.. does not do this poem a great justice. In fact, I think it should be rewritten without it/
    Seduced by Flesh

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