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Thread: No titel

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    No titel

    read this before you read the poem!

    i'm so bad with titels and names. i would so happy if you could help me after reading the poem come up with a name the fits with the poem!

    It's my time to fall into the cold abyss.
    no light can penetrate it's darkness
    i will be there crying forever
    don't try to save me it's too late
    save your prayers for someone else
    the fire in my heart is gone
    as you might have noticed i can't go on
    my heart is so sore it have been tored by everyone
    around me
    the world has turned it's back on me
    back to the abyss with me
    so farewell i'm going back to hell
    don't pray for me just leave me be
    just let me fall, all the way down to satans hall.

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    Re: No titel

    Ideas that came up were "Abyss" "Ending" and things of the sort. Infinite ends and the like. Also, it's spelled "title" :P But hey, minor detail.

    Interesting thoughts, though. I'm sure a lot of people may think like this, but it can be hard to admit, yeah? So overall, nice.
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