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    no title

    So many do die this horrid day
    In the fields and plains where I use to play

    So many claimed by this raging fray
    The murderers, the killers so many they slay

    The priests – and sinners, they do they pray
    A gunshot, a body, and the peace it pays

    The death bringers march extending their stay
    Nothing, not death, will keep them at bay

    A cry, a shout, and a world turns gray
    The death of a child, what more can I say

    A land lost to murder, living life cast astray
    So this place lay in shambles cast aside to decay

    Remembrance not justified, a dismissed act in a play
    A lie brought to life leaving mourners to pay

    Remembrance all but forgotten putting a fallacy on display
    This debt on no ones shoulders, ought never to repay

    Look back now to the haunting days made eve of May
    Think now what message do history relay

    Influencing our minds like master molding clay
    You alone and by yourself know exactly where the bodies lay

    Forget not the chiding songs of the jay
    Nor the brave men dying for us that day

    I realize I used play and day twice... I just couldn't of other lines that wouldn't sound forced.. and it has come to my attention that my message is obscure... there really isn't any one message, just people die in the name if freedom... maybe... a poem really is whatever you interpret it as.

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    Re: no title

    The rhyming effect was executed wonderfully.
    Seduced by Flesh

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