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    No Title

    This is a poem I wrote for my best friend....yes another one..hope you like it

    I worry and worry
    Trying to come up with a solution
    But no dice, no cigar
    I try to comfort you
    But who am I kidding
    I can’t keep this façade
    I can’t keep giving you false hope
    The more I try to help
    The more I hurt myself
    The more I think towards
    The past I want to forget

    I want to help
    But I can’t find the right words
    To say the right things
    I’m not perfect
    But I don’t want to see you in emotional pain
    I want to comfort you
    But I can’t

    Something in my heart
    Stops me
    But I realize
    If I don’t help you
    Or comfort you
    You might do something
    That we both might regret.

    You’re pretty, smart and skinny
    You’re kind-hearted
    And a hell of a lot nicer
    Than most people I know
    Don’t cry, Just smile
    Don’t sweat the small stuff
    Take everything with a grain of salt
    And just tell those people they can go to hell
    Or just think it in your head.

    You have talents that no one else has
    Put your anger, hatred and sorrow
    In poems and stories
    Write till you can’t write no more
    That’s my advice to you my friend.

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    Re: No Title

    Sounds like you wrote this poem about personal experience and or a person in your life. Not bad for a poem though.

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    Re: No Title

    its actually a reall good poem but it doesn;t seem like it was for your best frined but a bf/gf and thats cool but like at soem points the wording needs some help.

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