Hey Its been a long time since ive been here.... well ill just post what i used to post before... ope u enjoy it... tell me what u think.... Sorry i dont have a title for it... here it goes...

Sound just bursting through my ears,
Loud voice coming out of my mouth.
A view of an infinite sea of clouds,
The nice feeling of the sand in my hands.

Where should I go?
What should I go?
When in this world,
There is of trace of you.

I walk a path of emptiness and sorrow,
With a blindfold in my eyes.
Just hoping for a new tomorrow,
Where my truths won?t hide behind my lies.

Where should I look?
What should I say?
When in this street,
There is no other way.

My eyes are watery once more,
Creating a lake of tears.
My soul have been broken,
Giving no meaning to my vow.

What should I feel?
What should I live for?
When in my heart?
Is a lack of love.