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Thread: Nobody Waiting for me

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    Nobody Waiting for me

    Nobody Waiting for me
    Nobody there for me
    I felt like I'm always alone in this world
    I felt like I'm just a spirit walking around

    Where ever I turn to I see nobody
    I see nothing but the ground
    When I do see somebody
    They weren't waiting
    They were just staring at me

    AS I stood alone
    Nobody waiting for me
    I thought that I can imagine someone was waiting for me
    It never work I was lonely as the sun and the moon

    Nobody waiting for me
    Nobody talking to me
    The only thing that was waiting for me
    Was my shadow

    I'm nobody that's why nobody is waiting for me

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    Re: Nobody Waiting for me

    Poor you. I'll wait for you. Oh well nice poem. Your poem Rules!!!! Hope to see more in the future. Go you! Your Awesome for an AWESOME POEM!!!!!
    「When I'm sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead」

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