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Thread: nonsense.

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    Otaku -=Broken^Halo=- may be famous one day -=Broken^Halo=- may be famous one day -=Broken^Halo=-'s Avatar
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    The title explains it enough... this poem is not meant to have any one collective intelligent purpose other than to entertain your brain.


    Confused little pink tree,
    It barks with laughter at me,

    Scared old broken fork,
    How it screams for work,

    I bite the wooden desk,
    I fight with a little pest,

    This makes no sense,
    Sanity costs seven cents.

    Eye popping fun galore,
    Misconcieved innocent gore,

    Eye of global night rides,
    Chopped and skinned human hides.

    The nail and bone in a home,
    Eye liner fun with your (Clone)

    brilliant left handed stabs
    Ignorant disgruntled dads

    Blindless eyes of discovery,
    searching hands of recovery.

    listen to the sound of meat,
    Hear its own rightful defeat.

    Dissect the tooth in the jaw,
    Through the lights of no law.

    Crazed arabian nights
    horny scared cock fights.

    You look at me with eyes of misunderstanding,
    But the sense of it all makes sense in iteself,
    Fear not what you believe is right,
    Uphold your beliefs with rightous intent.
    Then when your ahead of your own game,
    will you then see that everyone is the same,
    With hearts and thoughts of their own,
    All with their own rightous beliefs,
    That swirl and mix in accordance with each other.
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    Re: nonsense.

    that was cool ,
    just keep on writing
    Power -xxx- aka -M.Ali
    I Fly Swiftly through the air
    I Spread My Wings Without A trace

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    Re: nonsense.

    How creative of you to post that poem....

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