Random thoughts.

Nonsense again?

quick taps of shoeless dancers,
that spread sheets with silk pincers,

triangle stop signs of contradiction,
that blurt out swears of infected infliction.

laced finger tips of screaming wives,
they call for the electric ball fastened knives.

Pin prodding pricks of proper prophets,
that seek the links between truthful profits.

Sleepless nights with coffee cravings,
blackened sleeps of morphine savings.

Cocaine powdered butterfly wings,
Ecstasy given crowns and rings.

needle stuffed beds for lovely fools,
Spines that creak in fear of ancient tools.

Clicking necks that switch and break,
fingernail castles that swivel and shake.

Alcoholic dancing lustful sheep,
Drunken “Scots” that pounce and creep.

Epiphanies of dumbfound druggies,
that beg and whine like innocent puppies.

Waking midgets that have grown,
sleeping whores that have shown.