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Thread: Not Like This

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    ~Counting Down the Days~ NevesElocin may be famous one day NevesElocin may be famous one day NevesElocin's Avatar
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    Not Like This

    I never wanted to lose you
    Never meant to hurt you
    You didn't deserve the things I did
    The pain you must have endured

    Yet you can stand to still smile at me
    You want to be friends
    Didn't cut me off from your life
    Made the best out of the worst

    I have no right to even breathe the air you breathe
    Your way too good for me
    Too pure
    Too wonderful

    I wish I had seen that sooner
    Now I shed tears of regret
    Because I can see someone has given you what you deserved

    Kindness and all the right words
    Someone to talk to
    A person who truly loves you
    Knows what you need
    Fills your desire

    I was never what you needed
    What you wanted maybe
    I was like poison to you
    Drew away your strength
    Darkened your smile

    I used you
    I abused you
    Find your happiness
    With the one you truly belong with
    Because its not me

    But I just wanted you to know
    I didn't mean for it to end like it did
    Not like this

    Our love will go on until the end of time. I will always be yours and you will be mine.

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    Re: Not Like This

    thats how i felt when my girlfriend broke up with me well that what she told me then made up and got back togethr but i love the poem i could never make one that good

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    Re: Not Like This

    Ahh... Neves, your poems are all so great!!! But this is one of the best... I love it... Full of regret and sadness... almost made me cry.

    Ok, the theme... it just made me speechless...

    So just... A wonderful work Neves!!!!!!!!!! I'll be waiting forward for the next one... hope only that it won't be so sad and if will then not about life...

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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