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Thread: Not so far away, for now... ((Re-post))

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    Exclamation Not so far away, for now... ((Re-post))

    It's not so pleasent being alone.
    No one ever knew, how lost I felt.
    Or even how alone I was.
    I hate to sound harsh, but that's just me.
    It was hard to find words to speak of you.
    I watched you from afar without your knowledge.
    I watched your poster, your movements.
    Did you know I exsisted?
    Please don't leave, what will I watch?
    Your pulling my own trigger and this is screaming distraction.

    You made me sweat.
    I think of what you did and I secretly loved it.
    Dancing between boys and girls; where were you when my shock set in?
    Left in the distance you wondered.
    Left alone as I was.
    I'm seated and i'm sweating, help me out.
    I'm exactly where you like me you know, but I can't seem to find you.
    I'm afraid that I never evn had you in my grasp.

    You weren't even unappealing.
    What a wonderful character of intimacy you were.
    The virgin I was though, I stayed.
    Where were you, I still felt lost,
    Shame, that you felt the same.
    We could be so much more.

    Girls in whit dresses, boys in dark suits, but we were left out.
    We were making some progress when I found you by the door drifting away.
    You smelled of the plant and whiskey but still so beautiful you were.
    And I believ it was time for a new and proper introduction.
    You shall not stray away this time; I was desperate for attention.
    We are still young; dance you will with I.
    If you talk you better walk towards the dance floor.

    It's time for us to take a chance.
    Make a scene, make a scene.
    No one can proof a single word we said.
    You are only so clever to a certain extent.
    Finally near the end, stay with me.
    This was no accident, this was a certain wonderful chain of events.
    Together for now, untill, I stray away as you did.

    Please comment! I need feedback!
    "Quit the touchy, feely, self-help, yoga crap!"

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    Re: Not so far away, for now... ((Re-post))

    Another yet the most kool poems of all, the message was clear in this poem, nice job gloomy, keep it up.

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