They walk past her everyday,
Few bother to look her way,
She sits alone in a quiet place,
Her bangs always hiding her face,
Constantly drawing with her pen,
Artistics flourishes that never end,
But what nobody has ever seen,
Are the words written under the cover,
"Notice Me."

Everybody knows his name,
Everyone pretends it's all just a game.
He's the kid who always wins a fight,
Eyes that brood with a freakish light,
And a body covered over with tattoos,
All to carefully hide the words on his heart,
"Notice Me."

She's the girl in the crowd,
Spiky hair and metal bracelets,
Thrashing around to the music she hears,
Telling the world that she has no fears,
While wearing lots of blaring red chains,
To try and cover up all of her pains,
All of it's just a clever disguise,
For the bracelet with the words on its sides,
"Notice Me."

He's the boy on the bridge,
Screaming aloud to the frosty skies,
Because he's sick of hearing lies,
So many people pretending to care,
Though clearly none of them ever dare,
To look beyond their own cloudy air,
And see the words dripping from his arms,
"Someone Please Notice Me."