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    Number 1498

    New poem...just wrote it today...Yay!

    There's a building across the street
    from my apartment complex.

    I see a lady hanging her head
    out of her two story window, I wonder
    what she is thinking.

    Below I see her beautiful flowers have survived
    her marriage of truth and lies.

    I wonder if she wants to know life's greatest
    questions like I always have.

    I think of how many women her husband had
    cheated on her with and how many men
    she has longed for to caress her.

    When I look at the clouds I see the faces of
    past persons like me, who have done every wrong
    and looked past every right.

    There's a little bird who sits on top of
    my head and tells me its secrets and of all the places it has seen.

    Walking into my house the
    other day I looked over at her house,
    I saw a for sale sign with big red letters
    standing in her tiger lilies which were beginning
    to wilt a shy.

    Knocking on her door I stood there,
    she answered, a ciggarette protruding from
    her tiny red lips.

    She stared at me a minute then said,
    "who are you?"
    Dear Dinah...

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    Re: Number 1498

    A nice poem. I like it very much, just as most of your works... this one reminded me of "To Kill A Mockingbird" somehow... lol

    It has something really great in it... maybe the simplicity? The simple story you're telling here- just about a neighbour. But it's not as simple as it may seem- even in a simple happening like seing a neighbour looking out of the window can mean so much...

    A really great poem Kelly! ^^ I'll be looking forward for the next one! ^^

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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    Re: Number 1498

    Aww thank you. I do try really hard when I write my poetry. The funny thing is though when I spend five minutes writing one poem and 2 days on another..the five minute one is better lol. ^-^
    Dear Dinah...

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