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Thread: O Beautiful Night

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    O Beautiful Night

    O Beautiful Night

    O beautiful night!
    The mist brushed against my cheek,
    The moon piercing the darkness,
    That alighted the figure before me,
    Its shadow joined mine as we embraced.

    O beautiful night!
    His breath against my neck,
    His lips against my skin,
    His hand tangling in my hair,

    O beautiful night!
    That beautiful night in which I dream,
    In which I long for,
    Tears form in my eyes,

    O beautiful night,
    A gift yet a curse,
    I ask thee, “Will thou darkness swallow me?...,
    “What of my deathbed?”
    A life that has no meaning?
    No care if life? if death?

    O beautiful night,
    I taste thy breath,
    I feel thy touch,
    Thy white eye that sees me,
    I am held within thy grasp; no escape,

    O beautiful night,
    That blade no longer held against me,
    That serpent that seeped into my soul,
    That bright angel!
    I smile and embrace,
    O sweet night, I love thee!
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    Thank you Lasura!
    My lover speaks; and he says, 'Arise my beloved my beautiful one and come!' -Song of Songs 2:10

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    Re: O Beautiful Night

    this is just beautiful...the use of shakespearian language is really good here...a poem of love...definitely feels like it was written in Shakespears' time. keep it up rk

    Thanks for the siggy Ky-lyrra

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