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Thread: Ode to the Ex-lover

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    Ode to the Ex-lover

    I know you still think of me--
    I think of you too.
    I wonder, though, am I near as often in
    your mind as you are in mine?
    Do Your soft lips imagine kissing mine, when
    it is another's that they touch?
    I'll bet your mind plays tricks on you;
    when you are driving through town or
    stopping at a store you see me, but I'm
    not really there.
    The thought of you is so fresh in my mind
    that I can relive our past as if it were
    I know you do the same, I have poisoned your
    Good! Deal with the torture of always wanting
    me but never having me.
    I'll bet you don't like how it feels, do you?
    Live with your choice of her over me.

    Become a wind, unfathomable distress. I'll hold back your loneliness.

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    Re: Ode to the Ex-lover

    Wow this poem is sad yet I really loved it! It says your glad this person suffers since he/she left you! Good job hope to see more!^^

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    Re: Ode to the Ex-lover

    Brought out all kinds of emotions, although... I cant say I relate. Very strong none the less.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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