Silence! These voices jingling in my head;
Playing that infamous melody as they do,
My eyes cannot see, but alas, I do hear.
It’s all in the mind some say, but then…
Why do I hear them, as if close they are?

Little by little, I get adjusted to that sight;
The deepness of darkness, or is it just…
Just an illusion, as they all say… Mirage.
Is it really all in the mind? Then why?
Lies. Reality this can all be, will it?

Hear! That jingle again! The one that…
No, you can’t hear it, can you? I do.
It’s calling for it, or him. I do not know.
That beautiful creature. I do see now.
She’s the source of all emotions. Mine.

Upon that day, I call upon my star.
My birth it protected, my death it will.
Star of Fate, hear me as I speak.
Lend me your light, as you had once.
I might fight, they say. I know I will.

Cries piercing through the night. Howls.
Come to me, ordinary beast you are.
I heard it. She knew I did. I hear it again.
She calls to me, like some ocean nymph.
Crimson eyes, but pure black hair.

Is that a laugh? I might have to bear.
She seeks my blood, I seek hers.
Good or evil, none we might be.
Fate’s glory came at last, or did it really?
It is the end, at the very least, for me.

Do not mind me. I didn’t. For others.
Such things I was told, they held true.
A jingle you will now hear. I feel it.
Don’t you understand? It’s your turn.
To write the ode to my tainted dreams.