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Thread: Ode to Peeps.

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    Ode to Peeps.

    Sugar, sugar, marshmallow
    Yellow, blue and violet
    Rot my teeth, sedate my tongue
    Cavities since I was young
    But you really ought to try it.

    Every conceiveable Easter shape
    And some for Christmas, too
    Pumpkins, hearts, and men of snow
    [Also sugar-free, you know]
    I want my bunnies, blue.

    Take me to the grocery shop
    Buy my box of sweets
    Says the serving size is three
    Seven's much more fit for me
    Kiddies need their treats.

    Make my dolce pollo dance
    Paper plates and microwaves
    Plastic sword stuck in his side
    Duel 'em, nuke 'em, set on high
    Color-bust, I craves.

    Sugar, sugar, marshmallow
    Gritty, chewy treats
    I care not for snowy lashes
    Spare me girls' cerulean sashes
    My favorite things are Peeps.

    -written on the spot. everyone else has a poem... I wanted one, too.
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