ok i literally just started this a few days ago and i want to know how you guys like it so far
a little back ground info
this is taking place roughly 50 years after kingdom hearts 2 on destiny islands
there is no definite plot as of yet but it will be a "full scale" adventure... hopefully

the two characters are dustin and betty, the names are just there for me to assossiate with them better, they will be changed to japanese names when i feel i have assimalated with the characters. they are not intimate as of yet but they are very close child hood friends. dustin lost his mother and betty has acted like a mother even though they are the same age
anyway on with the story XD

It was a late summer day. Sparse clouds lined the sky as it was changing from blue to orange as the sun finally started to set after a hard days work of gracing the world with its light and warmth. A crisp breeze blew across the beach rustling the palm leaves as a few seagulls flew low across the sky cawing out as they were finding their last meal of the day before making their way back to their nests.
As the ocean waves gently rolled up higher onto the beach, a young woman yawned and brushed her long brown hair back behind her ear as the breeze subsided. Walking across the beach she saw something in the giant tree that stood in the center of a raised small island.
“Hey... Is that D?...” she said to herself. Squinting slightly from the sun’s rays she let out a relieved sigh. “That is him. Its about time.” As the waves came up around her feet she leaned down and picked up a rock and smiled as she lightly skipped the stone into the ocean before it quickly swallowed the stone leaving no trace of its existence as it slowly sank to the bottom. She was glad that he finally came out of his home and was starting to face the world again. She was always happy and felt at ease to be there with her best friend but he was being very distant since the incident a few days ago. She knew there was nothing she could do but to be there for him when he finally wanted to talk about it. She stared at the horizon as the sun started to disappear behind the ocean. Sighing slightly she looked back over to the island. He was laying on one of the big lower branches dangling his legs off the sides looking up into the darkening sky.
“My poor D...” she said in her soft motherly voice. She needed to find a way to get his mind off of things, even if only for a minute. Thinking of an idea, she ran behind a big rock and emerged holding something in her hand as she cleared her throat.
Laying on the branch thinking of the events that transpired a few days ago, he raised his arm to the sky and looked at the palm of his hand
“Why did it choose me? What does it see in me that I cannot see? And why now of all times?” Even though he said it out loud, it didn’t help to answer his questions and not finding the answers only made him more depressed about what had happened. Though everything worked out for the best, he still blamed himself and his lack of action for what happened. Slamming his hand against his angered face, he silently cursed himself and said, “Why am I acting like this? I did the best I could have done... didn’t I? I should be happy not depressed like this, but why does it still upset me so. It obviously chose me for a reason, I just wish I knew what that reason was.” looking over at the sunset and sighing gently he continued, “I guess only time will tel–”
“HEY D! COME AND FIGHT ME YA SPIKY HAIRED WUSS!” Yelled the woman from the beach below.
Brought back from his daze he twisted his head looking down towards the sound of the voice and saw her brandishing her favorite wooden sword as she swung it a few times reacquainting herself with it. Smiling he chuckled to himself seeing her poised and ready for attack.
As he quickly stood up he yelled back, “BETTY! DAMN IT! MY HAIR ISN’T SPIKY... AND WE’LL SEE ABOUT THAT WUSS COMMENT!”
Laughing at his response Betty decided to mock him a little and returned with a smartass remark, “DUSTIN! DAMN IT! IT IS TOO SPIKY, SPIKIER THAN CLOUDS HAIR WHEN HE’S HIT WITH LIGHTNING. NOW GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE YA SPIKY HAIRED WUSS!”
Trying not to smile and stifling his laughter trying to act serious, “YOU ARE GOING TO REGRET THAT!” Dustin jumped from the island cliff into the water below and swam up to the shore. Standing up, Dustin brushed his wet hair out of his face and walked over to Betty who tossed him his sword.
Smiling, Betty pipped up “Bout time you showed some action you wuss.”
Smiling as well, Dustin catches the sword by the hilt and gets into his battle pose. “A wuss huh? Well its true I’ve never beat you in a sword fight, but that just means you are slightly better than me, not that I am a wuss.”
“Little punk,” replied Betty “getting a big mouth now are we!?” Giggling softly, she grips her long, wooden sword with both hands “Time for your spanking... old school style D.” Rushing forward Betty slashed down towards her best friend.
Laughing and jumping back to avoid her attack, he puts a little distance between them so he has time to react and plan an attack. “Well I have to have something big enough to compare with that giant sword of yours.” Taunting her more, Dustin sticks out his tongue and turns around and spanks his ass. “Come and get it, if you can.”
“Well how can I resist that come on?” she said teasingly. Rushing forward, Betty took a half dozen swings all of which were dodged or blocked before she feinted and brought her sword up catching Dustin on the chin and pushed him off balance. Grinning Betty dashed behind him and kicked him firmly in the ass knocking him to the ground. Laughing hard and giving Dustin a raspberry Betty retorted “Well I certainly have a target big enough to hit.”
“Heeeey,” replied Dustin smiling while rubbing his ass, “that was a quick bout. Let my guard down but we'll see about this time.” Standing up and brushing the sand off his clothes, Dustin gets back into his battle pose.
“Hold up” said Betty. “Round two has a change of scenery... Follow me” Smiling slyly, Betty ran towards and jumped in the ocean getting her clothes and hair wet. “There. Now my hair wont get in my eyes. Now come on, show me what you got, you spiky haired punk of a wuss.”
“With pleasure!” replied Dustin with extreme confidence. Setting the tip of his sword in the water he rushed forward feeling the water parting around the sword. Slashing upward just out of striking distance, he brought a splash of water up that surprised Betty. Continuing forward after catching her off guard with his own feint, he swung back down attempting to land a blow. As the sword drew closer, Betty managed to barely bring her sword up enough for the blow to glance off but the force made her lose her balance. Attempting a quick recovery, Betty pivoted and started to roll but lost her footing and crashed hard into the shallow water landing face first.
“Owchies” she said softly. “I see Tidus has been teaching you stuff.”
Giggling softly and offering his hand to help her up he replied “That ass?” he said teasingly, “BB, he couldn’t teach me to tie my shoes even if they were velcro.”
Both of them, exhausted, hobbled up to the beach where Betty fell on Dustin and both collapsed on the wet sand with a dull thud.
Wrapping his arms around her giving her a tight hug, he replied, “Thanks for this. I really needed this small reprieve.”
Betty smiled and looked in his eyes, “You are welcome. And I’m happy to say that you are no longer a wuss... you have graduated to wimp.” Both of them laughed at her comment.
Laying on their backs, they looked up at the stars that have started to reveal themselves in the night sky.
After a few moments of silence Dustin spoke up, “I have been having a lot of dreams since the keyblade appeared a few days ago. I see the past masters and their journeys.”
“That really seems neat though” she replied “What do you think they mean? Well, whatever it is, if there is adventure in your future, I will be there with ya! Always.”
“Thank you, that really means a lot to me.” said Dustin as he rolled onto his side and laid his head on Betty’s shoulder and his arm across her waist. “As for the dreams,” he continued, “they are not all good. Of course there’s a lot of triumph, no doubt about that, but there’s also a lot of struggle and strife. Bad enough that if it happened to me, I'm not sure I could make the correct decision. I'm not even sure what these dreams really mean either, it could be nothing more than residual memories or it could be to teach me of the past to help save the future when the time comes... I just don’t know” Betty wrapped her arms around him comforting him as he continued to talk of his recent dreams, “The dreams always revolve around the keyblade so I’ve learned quite a bit about it and its history, what its capable of and such. its quite amazing and interesting... but frightening at the same time. All that power... it can be used for good or evil. I’ve seen both extremes. On one side, I’ve seen courage save worlds, perseverance reunite lost friends, and selflessness save countless lives. And yet, clear on the other side, I’ve seen whims destroy cities in a matter of seconds, the best intentions annihilate numerous worlds, and ineptitude destroy friendship and shatter lives. Its just... a little overwhelming, BB. I'm a little lost in it all.”
Betty replied in a soft voice “I understand. perhaps you should tell me everything so we can figure this out together. If nothing else it will help you relax by talking about it. And if a journey is drawing near, it would be better if I knew as much as possible too, don’t you agree?”
“Yes, that sounds like a plan...”said Dustin, “but” motioning over her left shoulder “it looks like we will have to continue this another day.”
Just then a small group of three started to approach the two.