Description of thy poem:This poem is about a person who has had a hard life,and wants alot of improving in the time he is in now.Exampleuring this time,we are very close of having BARACK OBAMA for president.He will make a big change for our country. It's like waiting for someone new to come along and make things right. Well,Here it is!
~When blossoms bloom,and trees grow old
An old man comes to make his wish,
His wish is,his vallages' youth,would
one day restore these LANDS.
A new Era has come,for our children to sing
and give our Parents&Guardians relief of issues
that ring; For "The Old Man's Cry",of the joy
that sings,will grant that Spirit's wish~

Hope ya like,and understad where this poem comes from.It may even relate to you,or other people in the world.