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Thread: One Cut

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    One Cut

    One cut that's it that's all, you told me.
    One cut will make you stress free.
    One cut I said, that's all it takes.
    One cut is such a big mistake.
    One cut you said won't hurt, I swear.
    One slit on your arm right there.
    I watched you slit your arm and I did it too.
    I don't know why, I guess it seemed like a cool thing to do.
    One cut, I told myself. I'll be just fine.
    So I started cutting myself all the time.
    I became addicted, I needed to cut my arm.
    A few more cuts, I told myself, won't do any harm.
    But then one day my mom walked in.
    What are you doing? Why'd you start and when?
    These are the questions that she said, as all the memories rushed through my head.
    I got help, and now I'm better.
    So I wrote you this letter.
    When I got home, I asked where you were.
    She never got help, mom said, something terrible happened to her.
    One cut that's it that's all you said.
    And you almost wound up dead.
    I know one cut is all it takes.
    One cut is such a huge mistake.

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    Re: One Cut

    Oh my gosh I totally love your poem. It was so deep and well, I just can't describe it, it's just so wonderful!!! I give it two thumbs up! ROCK ON!!!

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    Re: One Cut

    I love it...it is very good..well put together...and yes it only tackes one cut to becuce addicted.......i have lost to many freinds...to just that one cut..hope to see more
    When you walk away
    You don't hear me say please. Oh baby, don't go
    Simple and clean is the way that you're making me feel tonight. It's hard to let it go

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