It started out as friends
In fact, very first one I had on here
We talked alot, having much in commen
Like we've known eachother for years
I suddenly started feeling something
Something I couldn't explain
It's like everytime I thought about you
My heart started to beat faster
I knew what it was, but
I couldn't bring myself to tell you
Fear of rejection, of corse
And loseing our friendship
Then finally, one day
I couldn't take it and I had to tell you
So I nervously wrote that to you
Then something unexpected happened
It took a while but you finally responded
Saying, "I don't feel the same way."
Then you blocked me from talking to you
I was completely devistated
I practicly begged for you to forgive me
So we could become friends again
But you ignored me, saying that you hate me
It was like a nightmare I couldn't wake up from
Something I couldn't escape, reliving in my mind

It's been a while since then
I'm doing much better than before
But now, everytime I see your name,
My heart falls back into it's one nightmare...