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Thread: One sided love!

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    One sided love!

    Only you can make my life complete ,
    all those times when i smiled you were
    always there ...yeah , things are always
    better when you are near , but you dont
    see that at all as you feel alone.

    All this time i felt like my love would have
    changed thing's and you would see the real
    me and life would be better , but time has showed
    me more than i wanted as i look to you and sigh ,
    why cant you see that i love you and you are my world?

    You tell your friends that i no longer care and i am blind to
    what you want , i dont blame you since i dont see how
    things cant be right with you , something tells me that my
    feelings for you are going away , and i cry as i lie here in
    bed all alone because i cant bend the way you want , i think
    things want be so bad tomorrow as i fall to sleep with pain in
    my heart.

    All this pain that i feel i stuffed down is coming back up
    again as i look to that empty place where you should be
    and my eyes burn from no more tears , all those times
    i have tried my intentions full of acceptance you did
    nothing wrong but you did nothing right either like my
    all was not enough , god how i wish i could take it all back.

    All those times i felt so open and full of passion was from you ,
    but that never made you feel the same as me , but i can see
    you now the real you that has always been condescending
    never letting me breath , as we kiss i taste what i never will
    have as i let you go now wishing things could have been different.
    __________________________________________________ ______

    this poem is about one sided love everyone goes through one
    time or another and when it finally end the best thing to do is
    move on , and dont let it drown you to where you will never
    let anyone near you again that close.

    comments and suggestions are welcomed
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    Re: One sided love!

    I like this poem very much... it's so sad that it almost made me cry... A beautiful work you've done here Chris! ^^ All of your poems are just so serious, so reall... I like them all ^^

    I enjoyed reading this... A great work!!!

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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    Re: One sided love!

    This was a very good poem. I really enjoyed it and you are right we all go through at least one one sided love in our lives although maybe sometimes we don't realize that it is truly one sided until it ends. Either way you are right it is best to get over it and move on so that you don't get hurt to the point of not letting any one in.

    Thanks to FLawed love the sig.

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    Re: One sided love!

    I really like this poem cause it shows how you can love someone more than they love you and realizing it can hurt so much,but if you find out before the relationship goes too far then it won't affect you as much and you can move on with someone who'll love you as much as you do them. Great job sweetie.
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    Thanks so much I love it!

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    Re: One sided love!

    Wow! Good job Chris-san! I absolutely LOVE all of your poems! They actually make you feel the sadness and emotions. I love it keep up the good work!=^_^=

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    Re: One sided love!

    GREAT POEM!!!!!!! Really amazing!!!!! I think it was sad and so emotional indeed!!! I just loved it! I hope to see more!
    「When I'm sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead」

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    Re: One sided love!

    i love it sad b/c of the words but thats why i love it its emotional♥theprincess
    Yeah, Bye.

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    Re: One sided love!

    i say WOW..
    your poem made me cry, i remember my past..
    i cried so hard beacause of a love lost and a love
    i never really had. your poem made me remember
    the pain i suffered and i think its worse than dying..
    you are right in your poem, feelings will change
    and there's only one lesson that everybody should learn in time..
    - move on.

    pls keep up the good writing.

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