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Thread: which one are you

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    which one are you

    A heart full of stone
    looks ugly
    Its rough and tough with cracks in the cneter
    and chipping on the side.
    rarely pumps andy blood
    (i'm surprised any is left).

    A regular heart
    lives and thrives on emotions
    when you cry
    it cries harder
    when you're mad
    it feels rage.

    But a heart full of stone
    has no passion
    It is like a rock that
    can not be moved
    when it bleeds
    you spill out your pride
    when it cries
    you roar down like a tidal wave.

    A heart full of stone
    looks ugly
    Its rough and touch
    with crack in the center
    and chipping on the side.....

    But when conflicts arise
    a heart full of stone
    can with stand anything
    and never break down
    wihloe a regular heart
    bleeds through and through.
    which one are you.
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    Re: which one are you

    it is very well laid out and full of emotion keep up the good work and someday i hope to see your poems in a book
    i cry inside for life anew i die each time im torn in two i live for earth and die for none along comes a god who will always bring peace and tranquility

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