Hello everyone! This poem came to me at night when words just started floating in my head and I just had to write them down. I hope you all enjoy the poem.

As the fluttering wings of souls flap through the dark mist of misery and despair, a light shines through attracting the wandering spirits. It is the light of hope. Easily made and easily blocked by mankind and its sadistic ways. Are we all blind to this light? Can we look but not truly see its brilliant welcoming? Society is a pure hell and the only way for the soul to be able to escape its stinging wrath is by finding your true self. If you are able to find yourself then you can escape the pit of hell known as society. Well you succumb to the evil ways of society or will you walk down the path of peace and enlightenment? Only you choose.

Priestess Angel
Again, I hope you enjoyed it and please give me your opinions whether good or bad because I like to know if I am good or if there is some way I could improve. Thank you.