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Thread: ~Othello's fanfic Central!!~

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    ~Othello's fanfic Central!!~

    Bottled Genius

    <O: Disclaimer: I don’t own Inuyasha, the same way I don’t own say… the moon. Be cool if I did though. I don’t even own this plot, I think Aladdin found the Genie thing first… oh well.>

    Bottled Genius

    Chapter 1

    Unearthing a Curse

    "Kagome!" Souta thwapped her over the head with his school bag. "Wake up, we’re here."

    Kagome’s brow drew together as she sucked in a deep breath of air and stretched in the passenger seat of the car. She felt the cold draught of air creep over her from where Souta had already scrambled out and left the door ajar in the back. She blinked slowly awake and fixed her gaze on the dark shadowy shape outlined in the moonlight before her.

    "So he lives here, huh…?" Kagome managed intelligently to her mother beside her.

    It was something short of a mansion… old fashioned and a little worn around the edges. But the place was larger than any house she had seen before…

    Mrs Higurashi glanced across and must have seen Kagome’s pensive expression because she reached over and patted her shoulder. "Don’t worry, it’s only until we get all this debt and money problems sorted out, then we can move back into the city again."

    "I know." Kagome yawned slightly as she unfastened her belt and stepped out of the car.

    Somehow it didn’t seem entirely fair. They had money problems… so they moved out of their Shrine to moved into something akin to a palace. Not quite what you’d expect, but there was of course, a few catches to this arrangement. The first being they had to live with Grandpa now, but that wasn’t so bad. He was quite cool after all (using that term in the vaguest way possible).

    The other catch was of course that they had to move out of the town, out of their district and into the country. No malls, no people, no fast food joints and no cinemas for miles.

    But out of all the luxuries and things that she’d have to give up, she’d miss her friends most… they all lived in central Tokyo… while Kagome was now stuck in rural Izu with a gas-bag for a Grandfather.

    "Try not to look so down." Her mother told her lightly as they carried their bags to the archway which was supposed to be a porch. "You’ll hurt his feelings."

    "Do you think they have frogs and minnows in that river…?" Souta wondered idly, looking off through the nearby trees to where the sound of rushing water echoed. "Maybe we can go fishing."

    "Maybe not." Kagome said somewhat dryly.

    Mrs Higurashi moved to knock on the door when it opened suddenly and they found their beaming Grandpa in the doorway. Kagome’s mother smiled at once. "Dad! How’ve you been?"

    "All the better for seeing you three again." He cheerfully accepted her embrace and turned to his grandchildren. "Souta – you’ve grown at least a metre since I last saw you!"

    Souta grinned proudly.

    Kagome waited for her turn with grim acceptance. Her Grandpa turned to her and at once did the Grandpa thing… pinched her cheeks and patted her shoulder. "And little Kagome, growing prettier everyday."

    Souta snorted in disbelief while Kagome just carried on smiling, though she felt her cheeks had had enough strain already that day.

    "Come in, come in, out of this cold." Their grandpa beckoned them in and shut the door after them. "Set your bags down in the hall, we can collect the rest of the stuff from the car later. I suppose you want the tour now don’t you. I’ll show you where you’ll all be sleeping."

    What, no comment or questions about their father? Well… maybe her mother had already told Grandpa the full story over the phone… or maybe that would all come later. Meanwhile she dragged her feet as she followed the others through the hallway and up a staircase that creaked as they ascended it.

    "Are you sure this is safe to walk up?" Kagome found herself asking impulsively.

    "Of course." Her Grandpa waved off her concern. "It’s been standing for two and a half centuries. It’s not failed us yet."

    That wasn’t as comforting as he believed.

    "Two and a half centuries this house has been standing in all." Grandpa started off. "Was built by the family Yoshimoto – their two sons slaved away with their four bare hands for years to build this place."

    Oops, she’d set him off on one of his history lectures. She sighed and trailed after obediently, especially after that sharp glance her mother sent her when she sighed a little too loudly.

    But actually it was quite impressive… considering the place had been built by only two people, the place was excessively large. There were probably rooms that Grandpa had never seen in that house… probably would never see. If she put her brains and brawn together with Souta… the best form of shelter they could come up with was usually two planks of wood propped together with maybe a blanket if they wanted to push the boat out…

    "Do you think if we dig around in the yard we’ll find some dead bodies?" Souta whispered quietly to Kagome as Grandpa continued to ramble, whilst their mother did her best in pretending to listen.

    "Dead bodies of who?" Kagome frowned at him. "We’ve been here all of five minutes and your already planning to renovate the garden."

    "Didn’t you hear about the legend of this place?" Souta blinked at her.

    "What legend?"

    "Legend?" Grandpa’s ears perked up at the word. "I assure you that the legend is just a myth… a nice story that locals liked to pass around the pubs when there’s nothing to talk about. Now, did you see the window over here? Very interesting the way…" and off into the rambles he went again.

    Souta tugged on Kagome’s sleeve. "See how quickly he changed the subject? There’s obviously some serious paranormal activity around here."

    "Paranormal activity going on in your brain for once more like." Kagome tugged her arm away from him. "Don’t be so childish."

    "You’re just grumpy we left the city and the school behind."

    "Oh, should I be smiling instead?" she asked sarcastically.

    "You two." Their mother cut them both off before an argument could develop. She shook her head, indicating for them to be quiet. They both obliged, somewhat grudgingly and trailed after the adults to be shown where the bedrooms were.


    <To be continued>
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    Re: ~Othello's fanfic Central!!~

    cool story line i like the entrance thee here i cant wait to see
    what happens next
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    Re: ~Othello's fanfic Central!!~

    Grandpa and his wife, also know as Granny, had lived in that house for at least thirty years now. A few years ago, Granny had died and that left Grandpa alone in the house. Kagome had to respect that he probably got quite lonely sometimes… not surprising if he lived in a house the size of a department store with nearly sixty acres of land around it to call his own. From what she’d seen, he only seemed to use to or three rooms in the entire house. The bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen and the living room. All the other rooms were cold and dank and looked like no one had stepped into them for many, many years.

    This was proven by the thick layer of sticky plaster dust that covered the floors of such rooms, undisturbed for years.

    In his time, Grandpa had been quite the business man. He’d left the Shrine to his daughter and her family and moved on to greater things involving international trade. He’d become wealthy enough to buy this place with his wife, and had then retired to live out the rest of his days.

    The house had been empty for quite some time before her Grandparents decided to purchase it and the surrounding land. She couldn’t understand why… the place had a nice view, clean air and bags of space – something people would kill for these days.

    "They say that a young woman owned the house fifty years ago." Souta told her as they unpacked their suitcases onto their beds. Unfortunately they both had to share a room until one of the other bedrooms could be cleaned up. "She died a mysterious death… they just found her lying cold stone dead in the attic, with no explanation for her death."

    "Maybe her heart just stopped." Kagome said with a roll of her eyes, attempting to squash the story that seemed to be sprinting through his imagination. "It happens."

    "She was eighteen, it couldn’t have been a heart attack. And there was no other cause of death available…" he acquired a mysterious voice suddenly. "Except on her face she wore a happy smile, she must have been smiling when she died."

    "Laughed her head off?" Kagome suggested.

    Souta glared at her. "But don’t it seem strange that after she died, the house was unoccupied for like, twenty years, even while other properties that were more expensive than this were being fought over all over the place?"

    "Not really." Kagome put her socks away in the draw beside her underwear. "So a girl died? Big deal. A lot of people die in the world."

    "They say she moved into the house with her father who also died with strange circumstances shortly before she did." Souta told her. "This place is probably haunted. At least two peopled have died here so far."

    "And a third one shortly if you don’t quit being so gullible." Kagome said breezily.

    Souta shrugged and got on with unpacking until he suddenly looked up at her and grinned. "Hey – I bet Grandpa has never been into the attic has he."

    "Not with his hips, probably not." Kagome glanced across at him. "Why?"

    "Which means…" he turned his eyes upwards. "No ones been up there for fifty years…"

    Kagome followed his gaze slowly to a square hole in the ceiling that was boarded up… the way to the attic. "You’re probably right."

    "You thinking what I’m thinking?" he grinned at her and she returned it.

    When it came to adventure and exploration into the unknown, the two siblings were very like-minded.


    <To be continued>
    -----------------------------Double Post Merge---------------------------------------------
    "What do you see?" Souta called up to her.

    Kagome hefted the board aside and climbed up the last few steps of the ladder into the loft space. She coughed as dust invaded her lungs, disturbed from the floor by her clumsy footing. Cobwebs tangled in her hair, but she’d never been incredibly squeamish and just brushed them off hastily, praying no spiders had been sitting on them.

    "Well?" Souta called again.

    "Gimme a minute." She switched on the old torch they’d swiped from the kitchen cupboard and had to slap it a few times to get it bright enough. "Um… I see… dead pigeon… dead pigeon… dead pigeon… and oh! Dead rat."

    "I’m coming up as well." She heard him say before hearing the ladder begin creaking again. The held the top so it wouldn’t accidentally fall suddenly with no one holding it beneath. She pulled him up into the attic as well and smiled in amusement as his reaction to the dust and cobwebs were a little more irrational than hers had been.

    "Isn’t there a light around here?" he asked, still looking himself over for spiders and webs.

    "If there is, I doubt it works." She told him and shone her light around the loft space and squinted through the dust clouds that had risen like smoke, or fine mist. Amongst the dead pigeons and various old insulation material that lay around, forgotten, were several wooden crates and boxes. "What do you think’s in them?"


    "Not big enough."

    "Chopped up bodies?"

    Kagome ignored him and ducked under a timbre buttress to kneel beside the nearest set of boxes. She set her torch on one and began opening another. Souta stood behind her, watching over her shoulder as she pushed the lid aside and looked in.

    "That’s…" She started.

    "Mould." Souta finished with a sigh. "Who’d pack mould up in a box?"

    "They wouldn’t." Kagome shook her head and looked upwards. "There must have been a leak in the roof… the water must have gotten into the boxes."

    "Not all of them, right?" Souta watched her as she stood again.

    "Well, maybe not the boxes stacked on top of the ones on the floor." She picked up the torch and handed it to him. "Hold this for me." She heaved down one of the topmost boxes and set it on top of the one she’d previously opened. She flapped her hands for a moment, trying to chase away the dust before digging her fingers under the rim of the box and opening it with a tug.

    "Cool. No mould." Souta piped up beside her.

    "No… just books… old smelly books…" Kagome lifted one out and flipped through it. The pages fell out in an instant and scattered over her lap and the floor. "Oops."

    "No one’s gonna miss it." Souta shrugged and tugged on her blouse. "Try the ones over here – they’re labelled."

    But whoever had labelled them had very illegible hand-writing. That or time had worn the characters down to just wiggles. Kagome pulled down the top box again from the stack and pried it open. The contents were slightly more interesting this time.

    "What the hell is this stuff?" Souta pulled out one item from the box.

    "A comb." Kagome sighed impatiently. "Haven’t you ever brushed your hair with a – wait, don’t answer that. What else have we got here…?"

    A few moth eaten dresses, a hand held mirror, some perfume bottles and a shiny black leather case. Kagome picked it out carefully whilst Souta busied himself with the dresses. She opened the case slowly and frowned at the contents. Not another book…

    Wait… no it wasn’t another book. It was a journal.

    Kagome picked it out with more care than she had with the previous book and opened the hardback cover to the first page.

    "Kikyo…" Kagome frowned thoughtfully. "Was this the young woman?"

    "Young woman with a seventy year old’s taste in clothes." Souta wrinkled his nose as he put the clothes back and started sniffing around the perfume bottles. "How much do you suppose this stuff is worth? I mean, if we sold it to a museum we’d be back in the money right? Then maybe we could move back into our Shrine."

    "I don’t think so. It’s only fifty years old… it’s not really that ancient." Kagome flipped though the first few pages. "You want to sell something ancient, sell Grandpa, he’s older than all this stuff put together."

    "Do you think we’ll find a murder weapon?" Souta asked, looking around the attic. "She died up here right?"

    "If the police didn’t find one fifty years ago, you think you’ll find one today?" Kagome shot him an amused look.

    "Maybe." He turned the other way and promptly forgot to duck the low hung timbre rafter. He nearly knocked himself out. "OW! Man…" he grumbled and rubbed his bumped head. "Maybe she died like that."

    Kagome giggled at his expense.

    "Glad you find my pain amusing, Kagome." He snapped.

    "Not at all amusing. Hilarious more like." Kagome smiled mildly. Then she noticed the perfume bottles that Souta had been looking at. "These look cute… coloured glass… maybe they’re worth something?"

    "I fell like we’re pillaging a corpse." Souta muttered, still rubbing his head.

    "Nonsense. Grandpa bought all this stuff when he bought the house. He owns everything in this loft so we’re no pillaging any dead girls today." Kagome told him as she carefully shut the journal and put it back in its black case. She didn’t want to damage it.

    "Where do you think they found the body…?" Souta went on wondering as he moved around the loft carefully, staring at the floor intently for some old blood stain.

    Somewhere deep into the house below them they heard their mother’s voice. "Souta?! Kagome?! Dinner!"

    "Coming!" they both chorused, hoping their mother heard them from all the way up there.

    "I smell spaghetti hoops!" Souta practically slid down the ladder in his hurry to get to the kitchen before Grandpa gobbled them all. They were both notorious spaghetti in tomato sauce fans. Kagome started to follow, before hesitating and looking back at the opened box. That journal looked interesting – maybe she should take it with her?

    She scooped up the black case and the perfume bottles while she was at it. She cradled them in her blouse like a pocket as she carefully descended down the ladder.


    <To be continued>
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    Re: ~Othello's fanfic Central!!~

    She sat up late that night reading the faded entries in the old journal. She kept the light on beside her bed while Souta slept soundly in the bed opposite hers.

    Kikyo was… she discovered… a very subdued kind of girl. She had been seventeen when she’d written these entries, though she seemed much older. Kagome knew seventeen year olds… they were probably more brainless than Souta in the extreme cases. And even while Kagome liked to think of herself as a mature sort of girl, she knew she’d never be mature as the girl she was reading about.

    The entries were straight forward, efficient. One paragraph long usually, recounting interesting events of certain days with a little date on top to prove it. Kagome read the slightly longer entry she’d made on her eighteenth birthday. Kagome could already picture the girl from the tone of her writing… basically a girl who never cracked a smile, talked in a monotone voice and was very, very, very boring.

    Kagome decided to skip a few pages on ahead until one entry caught her eye. It was two pages long. It was about her moving into the house with her father… and by the sound of it, she resented the thought of moving into such an old house, just as much as she seemed to resent her father.

    "Looks like we have something in common…" Kagome whispered to herself.

    After that there was somewhat of a large gap in dates. Three months in fact. And her next entry puzzled Kagome somewhat.

    I wished for a humble palace. I got what I asked. How foolish I am…

    Kagome flicked to the next page.

    I wished to sing with the voice of an angel. I got what I asked. I can no longer sing.

    Kagome reread the entry, not sure she was seeing the words correctly. They didn’t make any sense… what was this girl on about?

    I wished to be able to play the piano. I got what I asked. I can play, but I cannot read music, and I cannot learn pieces by heart. I cannot invent music either… I cannot play the piano.

    "Ok…" Kagome said slowly, wondering what on earth was happening in this girl’s mind at this point in time.

    I wished my father would just leave me alone for good. They found his body in the river. My father is dead.

    Now that downright chilled Kagome. She just stared at the words as a cold feeling swept over her, making her hair stand on end as if someone had scratched nails down a blackboard.

    I wished to find love. I found it. But I cannot keep it.

    The next entry was the last, dated 14th January 1954.

    I wished I would die a happy woman in the end. I fear for my life.

    Kagome slapped the journal shut and stared at it uneasily. That was just creepy… die a happy woman? The smiling dead woman in the attic was found in January 1954.

    Maybe she was just dreaming… a tad thirsty though, so maybe not. She set down the journal again and swung her legs out of bed. Her gaze fell on the three bottles that sat on her bedside table. Blue tinted glass with purple glaze that shone in the light the wail oil shone colourfully in water sometimes. The stopper on each was just as blue as each bottle, but two were cracked and had obviously been glued back together, while the third remained in tact. Kagome had decided that the two broken stoppers probably set the value of the bottles down a little… but the third one?

    She picked it up and turned it upside down. She pulled the stopper out and sniffed the inside. It smelled like sandalwood. Not very strong… but she put the stopper back anyway and set it back on the table. She’d speak to her Grandpa tomorrow and find out if they really were worth something, or just cheap tacky stuff that would be sold in car-boot sales.

    That thirst was beginning to nag her and she slithered out of bed quietly, so as not to disturb Souta as she padded her way across the cold floor to the door. She must have wandered around aimlessly for at least five minutes before she eventually found the kitchen. It was the only modern part of the house, complete with upgraded cooker and microwave. Obviously Grandpa didn’t plan to live in the stone-age where food was concerned.

    Kagome took one of the clean glasses from the cupboard and filled it with water from the tap. Annoyingly, the tap refused to work properly and spluttered little dribbles of water at her… and just when she’d put her hand to it to see what the problem was, it shot out such a strong blast of water that she could have sworn it pierced right through her palm. "Son of a…"

    "Air bubbles."

    She spun so fast the glass flew from her grip and shattered against the back of one of the kitchen chairs. The boy sitting on the edge of the table blinked in mild surprise as the glass shards spread across the floor. "I guess the plumbing hasn’t changed much has it… though that’s new." He skewed a glance at the microwave.

    Kagome’s mouth worked furiously. A million questions bursting inside her at once. Who the hell was he? How the hell did he get in the house without tripping the security alarm? Why did he have white hair? Why was he telling her about plumbing? And most of all – why the hell was he in the kitchen with her?!

    "I-I’ll scream!" she threatened with a trembling voice. "And my family will call the police."

    He shrugged with a roll of his eyes. "I’m sure they will. You were the one who pulled the stopper right?"

    "What?" Kagome stared at him.

    "Right." He sighed and slid off the table onto his feet. "A newbie. I’ll say this only once, so you have to listen."

    "You listen to me – get out of this house!" Kagome demanded, groping around her for some kind of defensive weapon. Her hand landed on the rolling pin… well, good enough. "I’m warning you!"

    "And I’m warning you." He folded his arms and scowled at her. "I’m only gonna say this once so you have to listen."

    Kagome furiously tried to berate him again, but he cut her off.

    "I’m a tenth generation so you get ten wishes. The rules are simple. No wishing for any more wishes than the ten you are given. You cannot reverse a wish, the only way to do that is to make another wish reversing the previous one. You cannot have me bring the dead back to life. You cannot have me conjure, whilst I can bend the rules of physics, I can’t break them just yet. No wishing for me to be your sex slave, otherwise I am obliged to drop you in the middle of the ocean and find myself a new master. And last, but not least, you cannot expel me from what I do by using your last wish to set me free, though why on earth you’d want to do that is beyond me. Got that?"

    Kagome stared at him. He must have been crazy…

    "And a personal request. Try not to smash my bottle, it’s happened eleven times already and I would appreciate if you people took some care once in a while." He gave a humourless smile. "Ten wishes. I’m not in the mood tonight, so call me again when you think of something you’d like."

    "Call you…?" Kagome echoed in confusion. She wanted to know more, what he was talking about, who he was. Why was his hair so perfectly white and his eyes so bright and inhumanly gold? Why did his fingers taper off with those nails that were too much like talons to be real nails? Why was he wearing clothes that no one had seen for at least forty years? Best start with asking his name. "Who-"

    "Not now!" he snapped, obviously grouchy. "I told you I’m not in the mood. Call me tomorrow or whatever."

    With that he turned, as though he was going to walk out the door. But halfway there he seemed to melt into red smoke and faded from a sight. The smoke left behind made Kagome cough and waft her hand before her face to clear her vision.

    It smelled like Sandalwood.

    When the kitchen had cleared of the thick smoke, which was rather quickly because the stuff seemed to evaporate into thin air, Kagome stared at the spot he’d disappeared and blinked, trying to figure out what she’d just witnessed.

    People didn’t disappear into thin air. It was as simple as that.

    Maybe there was something in that spaghetti sauce…

    She finally shook herself and told herself she was just tired and under a lot of stress lately. Being thrown out of the Shrine because they couldn’t pay the bills wasn’t easy. Having to leave the city and all her friends wasn’t easy. Having her father run off with some Swedish blonde and leave the family without any money had been what started it all. That hadn’t been easy either. And now she was being forced to live in a creepy old haunted house. Not easy.

    Yes, it was just stress, she decided as she bent down to sweep the shattered shards of glass into a pan so no one would walk into the kitchen tomorrow with bare feet and get any nasty surprises.

    She got another drink and found her way back to bed, mostly by following the sound of Souta’s snoring through the halls. She tucked herself into bed and turned off the light and tried to sleep.

    No such luck.

    After tossing and turning for god knows how long, she finally sat up and turned the light on. She looked at the three bottles on the bedside table and reckoned the third one with the undamaged stopper must have been the boy’s bottle…

    A Genie or something…?

    No, that was a stupid notion. Genie’s lived in lamps – besides the fact that they didn’t even exist! She’d hallucinated, that’s all. She was just tired… yet she didn’t feel like she needed to sleep anymore.

    She took Kikyo’s journal and reread her last few entries. All this talk about wishes…

    She flicked through the last few empty pages of the journal – but stopped at once when she spotted more writing close to the end of the book. Her throat went dry and her voice was a mere brittle whisper as she echoed the written words. "Beware the curse of the 10th Generation Wishbringer… Inuyasha…"

    Kagome slammed it shut and nearly threw the book back onto the table, turned off the light and flopped down with her entire body buried under the covers.

    She realised that she may have just stumbled in on something over her head…

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    Re: ~Othello's fanfic Central!!~

    wow those kids are to nosy i think lol i would have
    got a hold of them going through my stuff like that
    there to curiouse for the own good i think . i wonder
    if they keep being curiouse?
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    Re: ~Othello's fanfic Central!!~

    Thats the end of chapter one and now on to chapter 2!! lol
    -----------------------------Double Post Merge---------------------------------------------
    I hope that satisfies your curiosity ^_^

    Bottled Genius

    Chapter 2

    Wish Number One

    The strong morning light through the window beside Kagome’s bed was what probably woke her up the next morning… that or Souta wrestling with the chest of drawers to get his clothes out of the sticky drawers. She made a mental note to remind her Grandpa about curtains and separate rooms as she pulled the covers over her head and tried to pretend that she was someone else… a certain someone who lived in a Shrine in central Tokyo that could still keep in contact with her friends.

    It wasn’t until Kagome had listed all the bad things in her life, that she remembered the latest one.

    Ever so slowly she pulled the covers back down and peered over them to stare at the three bottles on her bedside table. The experience of the night before came flooding back with sudden clarity and she bit her lip… had it been real?

    The answer to that was obviously no. Boys didn’t have long hair – major real world fact number one. And they certainly didn’t have claws like some kind of… dinosaur… perhaps that was the wrong association… But she also knew for a fact that boy’s didn’t materialise and dissipate at will before her eyes – that was physically impossible!

    Obviously she’d been under a lot of stress lately and had imagined the whole ordeal. She’d probably been sleep-walking again and dreamt that a Genie had come to offer her a dream come true – ten wishes to get her out of this living hell. Of course, it wasn’t quite a living hell… but she certainly wasn’t liking her new home or her new life ahead of her.

    Kagome shook her head as she decided to put the Genie boy to the back of her mind and settle back down in her bed to catch up on her rest. Well, that was the plan, but her mother had other ideas.

    "Kagome – you have to get up soon – it’s Monday!" Mrs Higurashi yelled at the top of her lungs to be heard through the big house.

    The extracted a rather painful groan from the teenager as she found something new to add to her list of ‘Bad things which happen to me’. But there was no point beating around the bush, and so she swung her legs out and pushed herself out of bed and onto her feet with the grace of a baby elephant. She padded across the cold floor on her way to pick out her new school uniform from her drawers.

    It was brown… ugh… and the style had gone out twenty years ago. She wrinkled her nose in dismay and tottered off to find the bathroom.

    As she wandered aimlessly though the corridors she wondered what on earth she’d do with ten wishes anyway? She remembered something in the junior years of school, where each student had to decide what they would wish for if they were given three wishes.

    Practically everyone had wished for world peace and to solve world hunger with their first two. Kagome had decided that since everyone else was feeding all the starving children and making politicians shake hands, she could afford to be a little selfish.

    Her first one would be to wish for a pony – a black one called Clover. That had been her fantasy at the age of six. Though where on earth she’d put this pony, she had no idea. There had never been any room in the Shrine for one, but that hadn’t been important.

    Wish number two would be for a house made of sweets and chocolate. So she could grow up nibbling at the curtains and never have to go to the candy store again. Of course, with that kind of house, she’d probably weigh three hundred pounds by the age of twenty five. No need to go to the candy store? She wouldn’t be able to get out of the front door to get to the store with that much blub. She’d end up having to eat around the door frame…

    The third wish had been rather self indulgent (as though the previous two weren’t). She wished for a thousand more wishes, and swore that she’d use at least one of them to cure cancer and purge hatred and evil from the world. Maybe.

    But that had all been when she was six. What would she wish for now? She obtained a dreamy sort of smile as she floated to the bathroom to brush her teeth and wash her face. With ten wishes she could be a little less restrained with the wishes. She’d definitely wish for world peace straight away. She’d wish to become some exotic princess and have her own palace and servants and lines of gorgeous men just queuing up to try and woo her. Ah! Speaking of men – she’d wish that the cute boy at school would just glance in her direction for once. Sod that – she’d make him fall head over heals in love with her!

    But she’d probably never see cute boy again…

    Lost in her thoughts, she tripped over the two steps in the hall and banged her shin on the top lip. "I’d wish I were less clumsy…" she hissed with pain.

    With another sigh she heaved herself up and continued to the bathroom to get ready for her first day at a new school.


    -----------------------------Double Post Merge---------------------------------------------
    Souta looked up from the river as he heard the front door go and his sister stepped out of the house with a rather disgruntled sort of expression. He mentally tutted and rolled his eyes. Kagome could be so stubborn and fixed in her ways sometimes… she wasn’t about to accept the change in scenery as easily as everyone else.

    Mrs Higurashi appeared at the door to wave them off. "Remember what I told you both! School’s just down the road now – keep going right and you’ll hit it in no time."

    Kagome still looked ticked off as she took Souta’s hand and dragged him off down the road.

    Of course, ‘just down the road’ seemed like a few hundred miles to Kagome. The road was long, boring and very quiet, and school was right at the opposite end to Grandpa’s house.

    They were late when they arrived eventually – mostly because Kagome had gotten lost on the way to bathroom again. Kagome; being held responsible for her own tardiness as well as Souta’s, was dragged immediately before the head mistress and given ‘you’ve not only let yourself down…’ routine.

    If that hadn’t been a bad start to the day enough as it was, then Math’s being the first lesson made it the worst start ever. She arrived halfway through the lesson and obviously offended the teacher by doing so – who’d then been only too delighted to discover that Math’s was not Kagome’s strongest subject in the world!

    It had been a teasing torture for the next hour… the teacher had delivered lovely easy questions to the other students, such as ‘what is seven plus three?’ or ‘what is two times five?’. And when he got to Kagome he randomly gave her a question like ‘what is the square root of three hundred and fifty one?’.

    She almost fainted with sheer relief when the bell rung, signalling break time was commencing. She optimistically (and foolishly) pretended that the day couldn’t possibly get much worse that it had already. Things could only get better.



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    Re: ~Othello's fanfic Central!!~

    Mrs Higurashi hummed and smiled to herself placidly as she arranged the freshly cut flowers in the vase before her on the kitchen table. She leaned forward and sniffed the wonderful fragrance before positioning the vase dead centre on the table and sweeping up the fallen cuttings with her hands.

    She dropped the scraps into the bin before moving to wash her hands in the sink – Lily pollen was always a bad one to stain your fingers and clothes with. As she washed she absently glanced up through the kitchen window to look out at the garden outside – before doing a sudden double-take, her hands freezing in the soapy water.

    But there was nothing there now… but for just a second she could have sworn she’d seen a white haired boy lying on top of the large, rusty oil tank a few metres away, the same way snoopy the dog would lie on his kennel. But now there was nothing, except for the sway of the white flowers on the trellis surrounding the oil tank. Perhaps she’d mistaken them for a moment…

    With a frown she pulled back from the sink and snapped the water from her hands. "Dad?!" she called into the house. "You know when you said this house wasn’t haunted…?!"


    "I don’t believe it!" Kagome fumed as she left Souta back at the river outside the house where he seemed to belong now, and stomped off into the house with a smouldering temper. She slammed doors in her wake and fisted her hands by her side. She planned to go lock herself in her room and sulk for a good portion of the day, but first she wanted to load her problems off onto her mother.

    "Mom – you won’t believe this!" she started angrily as she entered the kitchen. "I don’t think I could have had a worse… day… if… you… what… um…" she trailed off slowly, her anger slowly turning to confusion as she watched her mother tacking up some garlic beside the kitchen window.

    "Hello, Kagome-dear." Her mother said cheerfully, as though there was nothing strange happening at all. "How was your day at school?"

    "Mom – have you been watching the twilight zone again?" Kagome frowned. "What’s with the garlic?"

    "Just vanquishing evil spirits, honey." Her mother replied breezily.

    "Oh… ok…" Kagome came forward to take a closer look. "We have a vampire infestation then?"

    "Oh don’t pretend to humour me – I’m just doing it for your Grandfather. I said something about ghosts – big mistake – and now he’s putting up all kinds of charms against evil." Her mother smiled lightly before dusting her hands and turning to look down at her daughter. "So how was your day?"

    "Horrible." Kagome said, allowing her expression to fall. "The Headmistress gave me detention in the first five minutes, then the math’s teacher picked on me all through the lesson because I’m new and stupid at maths and then this group of ‘tough guys’ decided to follow me around at lunch, and the only way I escaped them was the hide out in the girls’ bathroom, and even then I think the only reason I got away with it is because they were too stupid to look in there."

    "Aw." Her mother stroked her hair sympathetically. "Maybe it’ll be better tomorrow."

    Just the reminder that there was another school day to come set Kagome into an even deeper mood. Don’t forget about Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday school days. "Great… maybe I’ll just go hang myself tonight and save me the hassle." She griped as she stomped off, leaving her mother to continue her job with the garlic.

    Kagome managed to find her way to her room without too many wrong turns and flopped down onto her bed, burying her face into the pillow and waiting for the tears to come. Funnily enough, she realised that maybe she was too angry at herself and her situation to feel completely miserable. In a way that was good… anger kept her from being a manic depressant… now there was a pleasant thought.

    Her mother must have come in at some point in the day because the bed was made beneath her and the window was open to let some fresh air in. She noted this vaguely as she heard the sound of Souta’s childish giggling bubble up from below. He was probably playing pooh-sticks with Grandpa over the bridge again. Well at least someone was enjoying himself…

    Kagome closed her eyes and let her anger go… she really couldn’t hold onto it for very long… she sagged visibly and felt a prickle of tears. "I wish I could just go back home…"

    "Would that be your first wish?"

    For a moment Kagome wondered how her mother had suddenly got such a rough, masculine sounding voice. She lifted her head slowly and fixed a confused gaze on the large hand that was rested casually against the bed stead. No, her mother definitely did not sport such hands… or such nails… Curiously she followed the arm up to the owner of the hand and blinked stupidly when she met sharp gold eyes.

    A perfect moment of complete stillness and utter silence descended on the small bedroom, as Kagome stared and the boy stared back. Until he suddenly flashed that same slightly conceited smirk he’d shown the night before. "Hi." A small fang was glimpsed.

    "No!" Kagome threw herself away from the bed and slammed unsteadily into the rickety bookcase against the wall. She crumpled to her feet and hid her face in her hands. "No – this isn’t real – this is all a dream – I've fallen asleep again and I’m dreaming of the Genie boy again-" she pinched her arm, hard. "Ow – wake up – ow – ok… ok… a hallucination…" she took a deep steadying breath, still with her eyes screwed tight shut.

    She’d count to three and he’d be gone… everything would be normal… one… two… three…

    She lowered her hands timidly and peeked her eyes open… to see him still standing there, head cocked and watching her like she was an alien. She slapped her hands back over her eyes and battled to stay calm. Ten! One…two… three…

    "Oh, pull yourself together." That same strong, large hand closed around her forearm and dragged her to her feet. Kagome snatched her arm back the minute he released it and leaned back against the bookcase, spilling a few old books in the process… before she hadn’t been able to look at him – now she couldn’t even blink in fear of taking her eyes off him. He’d touched her… she’d felt his hand… he’d felt very real to her…

    "You…" she struggled to find her voice. He narrowed his eyes impatiently as she tried to form to the words. "Y-you…"

    "Oh ****… you’re not a mute are you?" he groaned suddenly. "You didn’t talk much last night – look – if you can’t make the wishes then why the hell did you bother opening the bottle to summon-"

    He suddenly yelped and drew back sharply as Kagome gave him a sharp pinch through his shirt. "What the hell was that for?!" he exploded.

    "You’re real!" she exploded right back. "I’m not imagining you!"

    "No shit Sherlock…" he rubbed his offended chest with a distinct scowl in her direction. "What were you trying to do – give me a nipple twist?!"

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    Re: ~Othello's fanfic Central!!~

    "I was just making sure-" she interrupted herself. "Hey wait – who the hell do you think you are coming in here and yelling at me like that?! I should call the police!"

    "And what would they do with a Wishbringer?" he retorted acidly.

    Kagome swallowed her reply in surprise. Her supposed dream last night seemed to be very real today… "You… you weren’t kidding last night… when you were talking about those wishes… were you?"

    He snorted and moved to flop onto her neatly made bed. "This is business. You don’t muck around in business." He told her shortly, folding his arms behind his head. "We have two ways of doing this, the fast way or the long way. Personally I prefer the long way, seeing as it lets me remain active for a few days at least, but with you, maybe we should make this a short visit and you make all your wishes within the next ten minutes for all the joy that I’ll have in your company." He gave her a sideways look as he said this.

    "What?" Kagome had been too lost in shock to really catch what he’d said.

    He glared at her. "Ain’t you listening to me? Which way will it be? Long or short?!"

    "What are you talking about?!" she defended herself with a cry. "You talk so fast about this wishing stuff – what the hell does it mean?"

    "Right, right…" The boy took a deep breath and forcibly relaxed back onto the bed. "You’re a newbie… I keep forgetting… usually when people pop to the cork on the bottle they know exactly what to expect, I don’t have to beat around the bush."

    "Just…" Kagome reset the bookcase behind her which was now oddly tilted. "Just tell me… what are you…? You can’t be… human."

    "Well you’re sure earning your keep at school aren’t you." He responded dryly. "No, I’m not human."

    "Then… you’re a Genie?" Kagome’s voice hitched slightly.

    A slow smile spread lazily across his face. "Nope. There’s no such thing as a Genie."

    "No, I saw the film – everyone saw that Disney film where Aladdin rubs the lamp and a Genie pops out to-"

    "What, you mean that stupid old Arabian tale?" The boy scoffed. "That tale’s so old everyone got confused. The ‘Genie’ was a Wishbringer – he was just named Genie. It’s a stupid, misleading story that has stereotyped Wishbringers and you would be wise to forget it."

    "Oh." Was all Kagome managed to say to that. "So… if Genie was the name of that other Ge- I mean, Wishbringer… then what’s your name?"

    He seemed to take his time answering. "It’s Inuyasha. But you can call me whatever the hell you want."

    "No… Inuyasha’s fine." Kagome nodded quickly. "But… I’m confused… how come Aladdin got three wishes and you’re supposedly giving me ten?"

    "Because that Wishbringer was a third generation and I’m a tenth generation." The Wishbringer named Inuyasha told her like he was speaking to a slow witted child. "Obviously."

    "Well… how come you’re tenth and he was-"

    "Because the Wishbringer which made him was a second generation and the Wishbringer which sired me was a ninth Generation." He told her bluntly. "Got it?"

    Kagome didn’t think she had anything. She just remained quiet as she stared at the ground, trying to process all this new information. With a sigh, Inuyasha pushed himself to sit on the edge of the bed, facing her. "You want me to go through the rules again, girl?"

    Kagome nodded slowly and sank down onto Souta’s bed.

    "Ok. I’m a tenth Generation which means you get ten wishes, no more, no less, understand?"

    Kagome nodded again, confident that she had that part at least.

    "You can’t wish for me to conjure stuff. Like I said, I can bend Physics but I can’t break the rules. Though I’m working on it." He gave her that humourless smile again. "But if every Wishbringer in this world could conjure then this world would be overflowing in all sorts of crap that’s popped out of thin air and what kind of place would that be?"

    "A very messy one." Kagome agreed.

    "Right. And no wishing people back from the dead. Like with the conjuring stuff – dead people need souls which are usually already being used my new people, so if I raise the dead then you’ll just make zombies which go around consuming souls. Not pretty and not very pleasant smelling either. So I can’t revive people for you." He gave her a conspiratorially look. "But I can kill as many people as you want, though."

    Kagome swallowed. "Um… next rule, please."

    "No wishing for me to be your sex slave, trophy husband and so on so forth. I said before that I am obliged to smudge your pathetic existence from this earth and wait for a new master to come along."

    "I… wasn’t planning on doing that." She told him uneasily.

    "Good, then I won’t have to kill you." He responded seriously.

    "Has that ever happened before?"

    "Anyway!" Inuyasha seemed that dodge that question well by making a show of standing up. "The last rule is that you’re not allowed to set me free with your last wish."

    Kagome perked up. "Does that mean I can set you free with my ninth wish then?" she asked brightly.


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