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Thread: ~Othello's fanfic Central!!~

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    Re: ~Othello's fanfic Central!!~

    He flinched slightly and looked at her. "No." he said shortly. "I only said the last wish because I know your type. You think ‘oh, poor thing, stuck in a bottle to sleep for decades at a time – why not set him free’, but of course your type would take advantage of my power for nine wishes before oh so generously setting me free with the last wish. But since you ask – you can’t set me free with any other wishes either. It’s just not done."

    Kagome shifted slightly on Souta’s bed. "So, you can’t wish yourself free?"

    "That’s the catch about being a Wishbringer. You have phenomenal power to change the world, change people, all at the simple utterance of ‘I wish…’. But try using that power on yourself and you end up killing yourself. Or end up using that power outside of wishing, and you end up killing yourself still."

    "Your power is only for granting wishes then?" She asked, watching his face intently. He wasn’t showing much.

    "I can do little things… like…" He flicked his wrist and a book went sailing out of the bookcase towards Kagome. She caught it quickly before it smacked her in the face. "Not much more than that or it takes my life force. So you can’t catch me out with the ‘Simon says’ trick. I can’t give you anything unless you say ‘I wish’ otherwise I’ll implode. Understand?"

    Kagome nodded, slightly stricken.

    "Good." He folded his arms. "Now what will it be?"

    Kagome stared at him a moment, taking in the sight of him. He couldn’t have been much older than she was… seventeen at most… and wearing some rather old looking and moth eaten clothes she’d seen in a long time. She couldn’t help the small laugh that escaped her.

    "Something funny?" he demanded sharply.

    "No… it’s just that…" she looked up at him again. "You don’t really look like a Genie… sorry… a Wishbringer… I suppose if anything, I was expecting bangles and earrings and blue skin and-"

    "Turbans and a lamp. I know." Inuyasha rolled his eyes. "Very cliché image you know. It’s amazing how stupid and ignorant people can be."

    "I guess…" Kagome noticed the way one ear was twisted towards the window, listening to the sounds of Grandpa and Souta outside, while the other was trained on her. "So Wishbringers have white hair and dog ears?"

    "No. That’s just me." He narrowed his eyes slightly, both ears training on her… making her feel extremely uncomfortable to know he had all his sense trained on her. "But that’s stepping into personal space now. Make your first wish, or do you intend to keep on stalling with small talk and chit chat for a bit longer?"

    "I… I don’t know what to wish for…" she admitted. "I could have anything?"

    "Anything." He was watching he with all the focus of a cat eyeing the mouse.

    "I…" she averted her eyes away from him, down to the book she held clasped in her hands. "I've never thought about it seriously. I wouldn’t know where the begin…"

    "Sure you do. How about a black pony… no… a black horse, I think you’d outgrow a pony. You could still call it clover though."

    Kagome shifted her gaze back to his, the fine hairs at the back of her neck standing up in apprehension.

    "And you could wish to be three hundred pounds instantly without going through all the trouble of eating your way through your house." He cocked his head again with a slow smile. "Or you could have your heart’s desire. To get out of this hell hole." He cast a disapproving look around the bedroom. "Get away from all this dust and grime and get back into your beloved city centre. Would you like that? Is that what you want above all other things?"

    Kagome didn’t like his tone… she didn’t like his expression and she didn’t like the way he was watching her the way a predator watched its prey. She vaguely recalled Kikyo’s journal… the warnings, the wishes she regretted…

    But he was offering to take her back where she belonged. Something she needed, something only he could give her. Just one wish and she’d be back home in the Shrine.

    "Where’s the catch?" she asked warily. "Ten wishes. There must be some sort of catch."

    "Oh, a clever one." His smirk broadened so it was nearly a grin. "I have to admit most people aren’t that bright. They plunge headfirst into wishes for all sorts of lame stuff like money and beauty. They never stop to think about a catch."

    Kagome frowned slightly. "You’re not answering my question. Is there a catch to this?" Was there a curse…?

    He regarded her for a moment before shaking his head slowly. "There is only one catch… but you already passed it. The only catch to gaining ten wishes is the one in a million chance of finding a Wishbringer to grant them. You’ve won the lottery, girl. That’s the catch. The sheer pot luck of finding me."

    Her frown deepened. "There has to be something more than that… something you’re not telling me… like I have to sell my soul to you or something afterwards… or die…"

    "Don’t be so grim." He admonished, but his eyes still remained complacent. "I swear to you on my life that there is no other catch. What you see is what you get. I can’t lie to you, you’re my mistress."

    Kagome watched him a moment. He was hiding something… but she didn’t know what.

    "Are you going to make your first wish yet… mistress?" he prompted. "Do you wish to be back where you belong or perhaps you’d prefer to have a C cup instead of a measly B?"

    Kagome’s jaw clenched slightly and she self-consciously folded her arms over his chest. "All I have to do is wish for it… and you’ll give it me?"

    "I think I've made my point pretty clear by now, don’t you think?" he waited for her.

    Kagome chewed her lip before lifting her head to face him. "I wish to be back home, where I belong. I want to move back to the Shrine."

    That secretive little conceited smile tugged at his lips as he inclined his head slightly. "As you wish."
    <end of chapter 2!!>
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    AN: Inuyasha, an evil Genie? Apparently…

    TO be continued whenever i get some time lol. till then lata pplz, and plz leave ur comments!! ^-^ thanks!
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    Re: ~Othello's fanfic Central!!~

    i really liked your story, it was origanalish, but very good

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    Re: ~Othello's fanfic Central!!~

    An:Hello, im back! and on to chapter three of Bottled Genius!! i hope you people like it, very few have replyed to it so i dont know... but here u go for the people who do like it anyways!....

    Bottled Genius

    Chapter 3

    Another Hit and Miss

    In the time it took Kagome to blink, everything had changed. The air that filled her lungs seemed fresher, less musty than a few moments ago – not to mention her settings had changed completely. Before she’d been sat on her brother’s bed, looking at the Wishbringer… and now she was standing at the back of a fair sized room, watching people pray on their knees.

    For a long time Kagome was too surprised to even move a muscle. She scanned the room with confusion, wondering where the hell she was exactly. Then it finally, and belatedly hit her, she was in a small Shrine. A Buddhist altar was set at the head of the room, complete with burning incense and tablets of names of the deceased… there were quite a few.

    Kagome had never in her life seen this room, this miniature Shrine… something wasn’t right. With a stumped and stupefied expression she slipped out through the doors as quietly as she could but stopped dead outside.

    She’d stepped into a rather white looking corridor. Two women in nurse uniform passed by with a polite smile in her direction whilst a man in a wheel chair with a drip attached to his hand was wheeled past by a third nurse.

    Kagome didn’t have to be a genius to realise that she was in a hospital.

    And since when had she mentioned anything about a hospital in her wish?!

    It didn’t take her very long to get angry, but it was mostly to cover up for her fear. When she’d made that wish she’d been half convinced that nothing would happen, that maybe the boy had been a figment of her imagination. But in the blink of an eye, literally, she’d been… teleported? It took incredible power to do something like that… she wasn’t sure she wanted to be messing with it.

    "Excuse me?" Kagome flagged down a passing doctor. "Could you tell me which hospital this is?"

    He gave her a strange look but answered nonetheless. "Murayami Hospital."

    "Murayami… are you sure?" she blinked in surprise at him.

    "Pretty sure, yes." He nodded.

    "Thank you." Kagome was as confused as ever as she toddled off in search of a payphone. The ones in the lobby of the hospital were in use, so she was directed out of the building to the phone booths outside. With the bit of small change she had she planned to call her mother… what else could she do?

    Kagome pulled open the heavy door of one of the boxes and stepped inside. Glumly she picked up the receiver and punched out her home number… problem was… she didn’t remember her new phone number… after all, she’d only been living there for a few days. "Ah… crap…" She thumped her forehead against the machine miserably. "Ow…"

    There was a knock on the glass door behind her and she looked up expectantly… to see Inuyasha standing outside giving her a cheerful little wave. "You don’t look happy." He called. "Something the matter?"

    Kagome all but threw herself out of that booth to face him, anger burning her cheeks and clenching her hands into fists. "What the hell is this supposed to be?!" she yelled at him. "I said I wanted to go home! Murayami hospital is no where near my house!!"

    He snorted and folded his arms. "You said nothing of the sort."

    "Well I sure as hell didn’t ask to be sent to hospital!" she swept an arm around her. "Does this look like my shrine to you?!"

    HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHe looked around dubiously. "I can’t really say, because I've never seen your stupid shrine." He saw her about to make another angry outburst and cut her off. "You asked to go back to where you belong – and by the philosophical degree exacted in the twelfth century – every person technically belongs wherever they were born, be it a hospital, barn, or the bathroom in a train carriage. You were born in this hospital if you don’t remember."

    "What?!" Kagome shrieked. "That’s not what I wanted! I wanted to go to my Shrine – I said that!"

    "Yeah, the shrine here, right?" Inuyasha glanced at the hospital.

    Kagome gave an exasperated groan and leaned against the side of the phone box. "You knew this wasn’t what I wanted… I wanted to go home…"

    "Even if I’d done that you would have been alone." He pointed out dryly.

    "How come?" she glanced up at him.

    "Because you never mentioned anything about family in your wish."

    Kagome sighed and dropped her head again. "I bet Aladdin never had this much trouble…"

    "Well if you wanted your wishes granted with much initiative on my part maybe you should have found yourself a fifth generation or higher. It’s not my fault you’re stupid enough to make vague wishes and expect me to grant it exactly the way you want them."

    "You mean I have to watch what I say?" Kagome narrowed her eyes sharply at him. "That sounds like a catch to me."

    "Say it however you like." He shrugged with a smug look. Kagome’s eyes narrowed to slits at his evident attitude.

    <to be continued>

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    Re: ~Othello's fanfic Central!!~

    "Do you even care about this?!" she snapped. "How the hell am I supposed to get home?! I can’t remember my number and my family don’t even know I’m gone!"

    "No need to stress." He rolled his eyes. "Just wish to return back to the old house."

    "No – because you’ll probably send me to Siberia or some crazy place like that." Kagome replied angrily. "You could have at least told me to be careful about the wishes! Now I know what Kikyo was talking about!"

    Inuyasha’s attention had snapped completely on her again at the very mention of the previous girl’s name. "What did you say?"

    "I said you could at least have told me to be careful!"

    "How could you know Kikyo?!" Inuyasha’s face was suddenly before her own with such a dark and stormy expression that her anger left her in a heartbeat and she took a wary step back. "Kikyo was before your time – she died forty years before you were born!"

    "I-I found her journal…" Kagome stammered. "She mentioned… wishes… you… and something about a curse…"

    "This journal?" he suddenly reached into the air, making her flinch as though he were about to strike her – but all he did was pluck the old book that had materialised into the thin air beside her head. He turned the book over in his hand, looking at it flatly with disdain. "What a load of garbage."

    The question was out of Kagome’s mouth before she had a chance to think about how it would be taken. "Did you kill her?"

    Those intelligent deep eyes locked on hers. He didn’t move or make any move to answer.

    "Did you kill her father?" she continued quietly. "Did you take her voice away so she couldn’t sing? Did you give her the old house because she wished it? Did you find someone for her to love, but didn’t allow for her to keep it?"

    "Yes, yes, yes, yes and… yes." He replied through clenched teeth. The book in his hand turned to ash and fell to the pavement. Kagome’s eyes followed his dusty hand as it fell back to his side before raising her eyes to meet his. She wasn’t sure she wanted ten wishes anymore.

    "I want to go home." She said eventually, turning a frown to the pavement.

    Inuyasha leaned back slowly and stuck out his hand. "Give me your change."

    "Why? You intend to rob me too?"

    "Just give me the money." He scowled at her. "I remember the number."

    Warily, she handed the change over and watched as he stomped off into the phone box. He picked up the received and leaned against the side as he tapped out the number for her home. There was a few silent beats. Was he going to talk to her mother for her?

    She started forward towards the door, intending to take over when Inuyasha suddenly spoke into the phone.

    "Hi, Mom, I think I’ll need a lift home… yes… well, you remember Eri’s father had that trouble with his heart, well he had a heart attack."

    And he said all this in a perfect imitation of Kagome’s voice. She stared at him, not really realising what he was saying, but fixed on the rather feminine voice that she vaguely recognised as her own.

    "Well Eri wanted me to come down to Murayami hospital for emotional support – oh don’t worry – he’s ok – just a bad case of indigestion… Yes… I will… thank you… I’ll see you soon then, I’ll be waiting outside."

    He put the phone down and pushed the door open. "Well she seems nice."

    "You… you just pretended to be me."

    "Well you’re too slow to think of a good excuse and sound like a natural liar."

    "You don’t know that. I lie very well actually." She told him tersely.

    "You’re lying right there." He folded his arms.

    She shook her head and hugged herself. "I suppose I should thank you at least… why did you help me out?"

    "Because you might wish to turn me into a frog next time for ‘cheating’ you."

    "Don’t give me ideas…" He’d be lucky if she didn’t throw his bottle into a river and walk away laughing. She didn’t plan on using any of her future wishes… not after he just blatantly admitted to murdering a girl and her father…

    "Call me again when you think of a more suitable wish." He said suddenly and disappeared before she had a chance to protest. With a sigh she went to sit down on the concrete steps and put her head in her hands, running her fingers through her hair wearily as she contemplated the enormity of what she’d just wiggled into.

    She didn’t understand Inuyasha… at first he’d come across to her as some arrogant, slightly peevish and petulant boy. Not much older than herself. But now… all that bad ass attitude was just superficial it seemed… under the surface he seemed to have hidden agendas… hidden motives…

    Was he trying to help her, or hurt her?

    Something told her that he wasn’t a good guy… but he didn’t quite strike her as a bad guy either. Those eyes held so much… like he’d seen more things than she could imagine… and that look in his eyes when she’d mentioned Kikyo…

    Kagome blew out a sigh and closed her eyes. Inuyasha was a puzzle to her… but maybe she should just leave him be… instead of trying to figure him out?

    ^_^<To be continued>
    -----------------------------Double Post Merge---------------------------------------------
    Inuyasha licked his thumb idly as he leafed through the pages of the large book he held against the pillow. He sniffed, the dust rising from the old pages tickled his nose and made his eyes itch, but he eventually found the page he’d left off at and flopped onto his back to prop the book on his chest to continue reading.

    No sooner had he started reading than he heard the front door go and two female voices entered the house. He paused briefly to look towards the door of the small bedroom before going back to the book. It wasn’t long before he heard light footsteps ascending the stairs, coming towards him.

    He didn’t bother looking up as Kagome entered the doorway, but out of the corner of his eyes he saw her stop upon seeing him and lean against the door frame.

    "Nice drive here?" he questioned idly, not looking up from the book.

    "Three hours. And it rained like the Niagara falls on the windscreen all the way." She replied.

    Inuyasha grunted an even response and turned the page.

    "I've been thinking…" Kagome started.

    "Easy, girl."

    He heard her sigh and move further into the room until she was standing beside his bed. He still didn’t bother to look at her. "Do you… have any control over how you grant wishes?" she asked.

    Inuyasha was having trouble reading beyond the first sentence of the page he was on. Why did this girl have to ask such perceptive questions? Why couldn’t she be like every other master he’d had and just assume that he was evil and that was the end of it. "What makes you say that?"

    "Do you deliberately make wishes turn out bad or is it just like… you know…" she struggled for words. "Just the way it works?"

    "It’s through no fault of my own that you word your wishes badly. If you want to move back to your shrine you have to make at least five or six wishes before you get it right." He smirked slightly. "You only have nine left you know."

    "I know a better way." She said suddenly.


    "I wish for 25,000,000 yen."

    Inuyasha slapped the book shut and gave her the slow clap with a long hard incredulous look. "Congratulations – you’re the fifty-sixth master to ask for money – and I've only had sixty-two masters in total."

    Kagome shifted uncomfortably under his glare. "It’s not what it looks like."

    "Oh I don’t blame you. But I really thought you were different." He sat up on the bed and propped himself up on his hands. "But you do like to prove me wrong don’t you. Well, it’s clich&#233;, boring, lame and greedy but if that’s what you want…"

    "It’s to buy the Shrine back." Kagome told him suddenly. "Wishing for it directly seems to create too many problems and misunderstandings… so I’ll get the money and we can do it ourselves."

    "Twenty five million will only buy back the Shrine. Why don’t you wish for a hundred million and never have to worry about being evicted again?" he pointed out.

    "I don’t need a hundred, I just want my Shrine back, thank you." Kagome responded evenly. "So. I wish for twenty five million yen right now."

    Inuyasha sighed and stood, handing a bag over at the same time that had just appeared in his hand. "Here, take it." He dumped it into her arms. "Go buy back your stupid house."

    Kagome blinked at him a moment before peeking inside the bag and gasping. Her arms nearly turned to jelly… she couldn’t believe she was holding that much money… "Thank you." She whispered breathlessly.

    "Don’t bother with gratitude." He grumped as he flattened out on her bed again. "It’s not like I have a choice."

    "Well… thank you anyway." She had turned and run out of the room before she had a chance to see the slightly perplexed look he gave her.

    ^_^<to be continued>
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    Re: ~Othello's fanfic Central!!~


    Mrs Higurashi looked up as her daughter blew into the kitchen like a small hurricane. It was quite a surprise to see her so happy and excited suddenly when only a few minutes ago she’d be a miserable little camper in the car all the way home from Murayami.

    "What’s that?" her mother asked idly as she noticed the bag clutched in Kagome’s arms. Kagome’s grin spread even wider and she trotted forward to dump the bag on the kitchen table before flinging it wide open, bearing all.

    Mrs Higurashi dropped the plate she had been drying. It smashed on the floor at her feet but she paid no attention as she stared at the pile upon piles of bills inside the bag. "What on earth…?" she helplessly tottered over, staring widely at the money. "How did you…"

    A call from the hall interrupted them. "What was that crash?" Grandpa and Souta arrived at the door moments later – and their reaction to the money was very similar to Mrs Higurashi’s. Souta was the first to break out of the stupor as he rushed forward to Kagome’s side and picked up the top wad of bills.

    "Is this what I think it is?" he sniffed the money before flipping through them. "Wow… did you steal it Kagome?"

    "Don’t be silly, I found it in the attic." Inuyasha was right, she was a terrible liar, but right then her family were too shocked and absorbed by the bag to notice.

    "How much do you think is here?" Mrs Higurashi murmured, plucking the money away from Souta lest he run off with it.

    "Twenty five million… I counted before I came down." Kagome watched her mother with barely suppressed excitement. "You know what this means don’t you… twenty five million could buy back our old house-"

    "Kagome – we can’t keep this money!" her mother cried as she gaped at her daughter. "That would be stealing!"

    "What…?" Kagome stared back at her mother, her smile sliding off her face tragically.

    "People do not just find twenty five million yen in their attics everyday – this money doesn’t belong to us, we have to give it to the police." Mrs Higurashi firmly closed the bag and broke the spell of awe it held over them all.

    "But Mom!" Souta wailed.

    "No buts – we can’t keep the money, Souta." His mother shook her head at her son.

    "Can’t we just keep a little of it?" Grandpa pleaded with his daughter. "Just enough to buy a hot tub-"

    "Or an indoor heated swimming pool!" Souta leapt in.

    "Yes!" Grandpa agreed with his grandson.

    "You’re as bad as he is!" Mrs Higurashi told Grandpa with a frown. "I’m sorry, but this money must go to the police, it just isn’t right to keep it… how could we live with our consciences if we just take this money and use it."

    "I could." Souta shrugged.

    "Me two." Grandpa nodded.

    "Not going to happen!"

    "But Mom-" Kagome jumped in quickly, clutching her mother’s sleeve. "You don’t understand – this money is ours – it’s not stolen!"

    "Kagome, I’m pretty sure I would know if we had twenty five million to our name."

    "But…" Kagome struggled to find some excuse that didn’t sound too far fetched as ‘I wished for it from a Genie’. "Everything in this house is Grandpa’s and the money was in the attic – it’s his! Maybe… maybe it’s some of Kikyo’s old fortune left over!"

    "Kikyo? Who’s Kikyo?" Her mother echoed.

    "The girl who lived here before us!"

    "The one who died with the smile." Souta added helpfully. "In the attic. Hey – do you think it’s some kind of Mafia conspiracy and Kikyo got caught up in financial trouble and stole the money from gangsters who came after her and they’d be like, knocking on the door and she’d be like, hiding in the attic clutching the money to her chest and then they’d come up and kill her – but she’d already hid the money under the dead pigeons so they’d never know where it is and-"

    "Souta – shut up!" Kagome snapped. Her nerves were already rattled enough as they were. After all… she knew the truth about how Kikyo died…

    "Then it is stolen money." Mrs Higurashi shot back at them.

    "Um…" For the life of her, Kagome could think of no other excuse as to why they should keep the money for themselves. Perhaps she was about to spill the secret… tell them she had a Genie boy in the bedroom… sorry… a Wishbringer boy in the bedroom reading ‘Paradise Lost’. That he was the one who had given her the money… who’d teleported her straight to Murayami faster than you could say ‘Don’t be stupid Kagome’.

    But before she could utter a word of the truth, Souta suddenly shushed them all and they fell silent, straining to hear what he was listening to. The only sound in the house was the radio playing in the living room. Up until a few moments ago, it had been playing classical music, but had now been interrupted by a deep voice news reader.

    "-Urgent news bulletin: Local police have reported that exactly twenty five million yen has disappeared from the vault in the Central Bank of Izu. Eye witnesses are baffled and specialists are searching for the missing millions this very moment-"

    The signal broke up and the news bulletin was lost… all they heard was plain white noise echoing from the living room. They all turned their eyes to the money in front of them.

    "I think… we should be taking this to the police." Mrs Higurashi said slowly, looking up at Kagome who had a hand pressed to her mouth.

    "No wait!" Souta cried. "We have to wait a while and then the police will start offering a reward for the money to be handed over!"

    "You little money-grubber." Mrs Higurashi scolded her son. "We can’t keep the money, we have to give it in to the Bank. Don’t you understand?"

    Kagome’s hand dropped from her mouth and she took a deep breath. "She’s right. We can’t keep the money… it’s not ours…"

    Souta made a rude noise under his breath and stomped off grumbling about women. Grandpa just nodded in agreement with Kagome. "It’s best we hands it over."

    Kagome left them both to decided how they would contact the police and give the impression that they weren’t the ones who’d stolen the money. She padded through the hallways, up the stairs and stopped silently at the doorway to her bedroom. "You…"

    Inuyasha smiled placidly from where he was sat on her bed. "Something the matter?" he asked in a deceptively innocent tone.

    "You took the money… from the bank…" Kagome ground out furiously. "You stole it!"


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    Re: ~Othello's fanfic Central!!~

    He clicked his fingers and clicked his tongue in a ‘foiled again’ sort of way. "It was the news report wasn’t it? I knew I should have cut it off sooner. You would have been none the wiser."

    "You stole the money and you thought it would be ok!" Kagome stormed into the room to face him angrily, "What would have happened if we’d tried to buy the house back now – they would have known that we were the ones with the money – we could have been arrested and put on trial!"

    "They can do that now, huh?" he looked thoughtful. "That puts a damper on the fun…"

    Kagome pressed her hands to her faced and squashed a scream. "This is ridiculous – I didn’t ask you to steal the money!"

    "Well where was it supposed to come from them, eh?" he snapped back. "I told you – I can’t conjure! If you want money it has to come out of someone else’s pocket. And it was better to come from a bank than some poverty stricken family, right?"

    With a groan Kagome slid to sit down on Souta’s bed. "This is too much… I can’t believe it went wrong…"

    "Guess you aren’t as bright as you thought then." Inuyasha said, a small smile playing on his lips. "Nevermind. You wouldn’t have been able to keep the money anyway, even if it wasn’t stolen… your mother was having none of it was she? You still have eight wishes to go. And please try to make the next one more imaginative."

    Kagome snapped a glare on him.

    "I’m sure there are more important things that you want other than your stupid house. I could give you anything you wanted. I could make you insanely happy as long as you make the right wish." He stood and cocked his head as he folded his arms. "I could make you beautiful… so beautiful people would weep at your feet thinking you were some kind of angel. I could make you famous, more famous than Elvis."

    "Yes, you could make me famous and beautiful." Kagome said evenly. "But you could also probably ruin my life through it. You’d make me so beautiful that I’d get unwanted attention and start getting stalked by creepy men. And you would make me so famous you’d make people sick of the sight of me. Before long I’ll be famous for being so hated. Infamous if you like."

    Inuyasha narrowed his eyes at her. "Not as stupid as I thought… you learn fast…"

    "Faster than Kikyo?" Kagome met his gaze steadily.

    "Unfortunately for her, yes." Inuyasha unfolded his arms and rolled his shoulders as through working out the tension in the muscles. "Well, who needs fame and beauty. They’re just as clich&#233; and lame as fortune anyway. How about I turn you into a man?"

    "Not something I strive for."

    "But it’s one wish that tends to work without any kind of hitch." He replied. "I once had a master who wished to be a woman – because he’d fallen in love with a lesbian. Unfortunately for him, the woman declared she didn’t like blonde women like him and he was destined to be stuck as a woman for the rest of his life. He’d used his last wish on something lame too, so he couldn’t turn himself back."

    Kagome stared at him.

    "Kinda reminds me of that time when a master wished to become a tree – in love with nature I suppose… but irritatingly, that was his fifth wish. And I was stuck with a tree for a master for about two years until I eventually found a passing woodsman who would cut down the tree for me and even then it took about a week for the stupid tree to actually die after being hacked down. But in the end I eventually went back to sleep until someone new picked me up…"

    "It seems everyone who takes you on ends up miserable or dead." Kagome commented.

    "That is so not true." He said indignantly. "There are plenty of people who went on to lead a normal life after meeting me."

    "Yeah… like who?" Kagome challenged.

    "Like… well…" Inuyasha ticked off his fingers, counting under his breath before looking back at Kagome. "Um… oh – I know! There was this one guy – he was like my second ever master – and he went on to become Master of all Japan."

    "Hah! Pull the other one." Kagome rolled her eyes.

    "No seriously… I think his name was… Noddy… no… Nobunaga… Oddy Nobunaga or something…"

    Kagome turned a slow shocked gaze to him. "What… you mean Oda Nobunaga."

    "Ah – that’s it." He nodded. "See? Now there was a man who knew how to make his wishes – destroy the opposition and equip his armies with western Firelocks… though I never thought they were a good idea… they had a disturbing tendency to blow up in your face. But hey, they worked for him."

    A frown appeared on Kagome’s face. "But Oda Nobunaga was murdered at a fairly young age."

    "Forty-eight isn’t young."

    "He still died." Kagome pointed out.

    "It’s not my fault his generals assassinated him. That’s what happens when you get involved with power struggles. He was a bit of a ruthless man. He didn’t care who I had to kill… regardless of their age or innocence."

    Kagome’s gaze faltered to her lap.

    "So you see… not all people end up as bad as… as bad as Kikyo ended up."

    "I don’t care." Kagome gave a light shake of her head. "Just go away."


    "Just leave me alone." She pushed past him as she made her way back to her head and flopped onto the mattress, face down. But great… now her bed smelt vaguely of sandalwood.

    A few moments later she looked up to see if he was still there… but he was gone… and she was alone in her bedroom again. She returned her face back to her pillow and squeezed her eyes shut.

    She hated this house. She hate sharing a room with her brother. She hated the musty old smell of dust and how everything was covered in it. She hated the way her bed dipped in the middle like an elephant had been using it for the past few decades… she hated that she’d probably never see her friends again, that she’d never see a decent shopping centre again, or that she’d never get decent hot water either. And above all things… she hated this school…

    Kagome hugged her pillow tighter as she mentally grimaced. And, as people tend to do when they find themselves in a miserable position, she began to cry quietly to herself. "I hate this house… I hate my life… I hate this school… I wish I never had to go there again…"

    She’d said it simply for the sake of depressed rambling, already forgetting that these days, wishing wasn’t as far fetched as she used to believe. And she was too far gone with tears and sobbing to hear the soft voice elsewhere in the room.

    "As you wish."

    <end of Chapter 3!>
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    Talking Re: ~Othello's fanfic Central!!~

    This is really cool. A wonderful story Othello, keep it up.
    Bitch. My picture got deleted.

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    Re: ~Othello's fanfic Central!!~

    <FINALLY, im back to school, heres the continuation!>

    Bottle Genius

    Chapter 4

    Kagome’s Revenge

    The second day of school was somewhat easier than the first. Mainly because she had no math lessons that day (but it meant that she had double maths tomorrow as a result). Kagome drifted through the time table monotonously, learning nothing knew and praying that time just speeded up so she could get out of school all the faster.

    She was an average student, not incredibly brainy, but in no way dumb. She just worked her hardest and she usually ended out on top… but that had been when she’d liked school… now she hated it… found no interest in it and was already aware that if she didn’t slap it together, she’d fall behind.

    Of course, she could always ask Inuyasha to make her one of those effortlessly clever people. The ones who did no work and no revision and still got ninety odd percent marks in their exams.

    But then again Inuyasha might just made her brain explode as a side-effect… best not tempt fate.

    Science was her next worst subject to Maths… but fortunately the teacher was a fairly decent woman and didn’t pick Kagome out for her weakness. Her strongest subject was history… but with such a boring history teacher, she was fast losing interest in the topic, and in the surprise pop quiz about when indoor plumbing was invented she found she was already slipping behind again.

    Lunch time wasn’t much of a relief though. Normally she’d be hanging out with her friends, talking about nonsense and boys and the new singles out in the music stores… but here she had no one. So she busied herself with some Chemistry homework.

    Glancing up absently from her work she spotted Souta getting along very well with the other kids his age… well… at least one of them was happy in this hell hole. However… Souta was one of the lucky ones here. She moved her gaze over to the corner of the playing field where a boy Souta’s age was being pushing around beneath a tree by some of the older kids around her age. She sighed and put her pen down, wondering if she should go try and put a stop to the bullying herself, or go to a teacher. But a fat lot of good those people were… she’d already complained once to a teacher about a case of bullying and the teacher had just kind of shrugged and said there was nothing to be done about it.

    Kagome was about to stand up and stomp off to go tell the bullies to knock it off when someone sat down in front of her, blocking her view of the bullying. She refocused her gaze quickly to see the girl who now sat opposite her. She was a very plain looking little thing with glasses and freckles and hair so frizzy it was a wonder if she ever combed it. "Don’t bother girl, you’ll only get beat up yourself."

    "Excuse me?" Kagome blinked at her.

    The girl jerked her chin behind her. "Don’t help the kid, it’s not worth it."

    Kagome opened her mouth to protest but when she looked back to the tree, the bullies had departed and the boy was safe again… for the time being. "How can the teachers just let them do…?"

    "Dunno. They’re not what they used to be them teachers." The girl rather presumptuously pulled Kagome’s homework book towards her and flicked her gaze over the pages. "And what is this crap?"

    "That’s Physics." Kagome took the book back, already irritated by the girl’s attitude.

    "What a joke!" the girl crowed. "A spherical world? What a crazy idea… everyone knows it’s flat! You’d fall off the bottom if this were true!"

    "Right." Kagome closed the book slowly, intending to make her getaway from the crazy girl.

    "Anyway, that’s not what I came to talk to you about." She waved her hands as she reasserted herself. "Have you thought about anything new yet?"

    "What?" Kagome stopped packing her books away. "I think you have me confused with someone-"

    "No I don’t." the girl said bluntly, before spying someone across the field. "Oh he’s nice looking… do you want him? You can have him if you want."

    "What?" Kagome followed her gaze with a frown before looking back at the girl. "Are you ok?"

    "Oh I’m fine." The girl replied breezily. "Except this skirt is kinda annoying… I’m not used to them. Too short I believe… But still. Anything you need help with – extra homework, bullies, crushes, stalkers – all you have to do is wish."

    Kagome froze and stared hard at the girl. A small smile tilted the girls lips in a familiar fashion and for a moment those muddy hazel, brown eyes flashed a vibrant amber through the spectacles. Kagome’s breath caught in her throat. "Inuyasha!" She hissed.


    "What are you doing here?!" she looked around hastily as though someone might see him for what he really was. "And what on earth do you look like?!"

    "Like your average country bumpkin." He flashed a small grin that revealed a set of braces. "No one looks twice at the ugly girl. What better way to get around and see this place you hate so much?"

    "You are unbelievable." Kagome smouldered angrily, stuffing her books back into her bag again. "Why can’t you just leave me alone?"

    "Because you’re my mistress and I can’t leave you until you complete all ten wishes." Inuyasha responded mildly.

    "You still have the nerve to talk to me that way even after you cheated me of those first two wishes." Kagome snapped at him as she heaved her bag onto her shoulder and stood up from the table. "Do whatever you want here – but don’t let anyone see the real you – or else I’ll be in trouble."

    For some reason what she said amused him. "You’re already in trouble, girl."

    Kagome watched him a moment, trying to figure out what he meant before giving up and shaking her head. "Whatever. Just leave me alone you… you… animal!"

    "You viscous little cow." He called mockingly after her as she began to walk away. "You may have just scarred me emotionally for the rest of my life!"

    "Somehow I think you’ll survive." She said dryly as she marched back into the school building.

    Inuyasha waited a moment, just in case she popped her head out again to yell out another insult, but she wasn’t coming back. Casually he glanced around to check no one was looking in his direction before ducking under the table like he was attempting to retrieve a lost pen. When he emerged he wore Kagome’s face and Kagome’s body.

    Arrogantly he flipped his hair over his shoulder and practised batting his eyelashes. "I’m a total bimbo. I have nothing but air and jolly robins between my ears and I think Inuyasha is the hottest guy on the face of this earth."

    Yep. Sounded just like her. He looked around discreetly to make sure no one had noticed the change before his gaze fell on a likely looking motley crew a short distance away, picking on another junior kid. He smirked and pushed away from the table. It was time to get moving on that third wish…


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