That was a start to what was probably about to be one of the worst days of her life. Possibly a little worse than yesterday, but not as bad as tomorrow or the day after. After collecting the wood in a big blue Ikea bag she had then had to stack it up beside the fire place in the living room for it to dry off properly. Not a horrible task in itself… but as she’d done it, she’d been forced to listen to a radio report about some crazy girl who’d kicked off a fight yesterday at school. And she wasn’t quite tall enough to reach up to the shelf it was on and turn it off.

Obviously not a lot happened in this town if the only interesting thing that happened was a girl getting expelled from school.

In the end she’d lobbed a shaft at the radio, causing it to tip forward off its shelf and fall on the sofa below, losing the signal in the process.

"Hey – I was listening to that!" her mother called from the kitchen.

"Sorry!" Kagome called back, though irritation was edging on her tone.

She finished stacking the wood and stomped off to her bedroom, trying to find some solace and keep her mind off of Inuyasha. She didn’t want to see his angry, beautiful face in her mind. And she didn’t want to think about whatever secrets he was hiding. So she stuck her nose in a history book and learnt some rather boring facts about when indoor plumbing had been introduced into society. She wasn’t really keen on this… but anything to keep her mind occupied.

Then the hammering had started downstairs. Grandpa ‘fixing’ the central heating unity apparently. She growled in frustration and slapped her book down onto her desk as she swept towards the door to slam it shut in an effort to block out the noise. But the walls were practically paper thin and the noise wasn’t muffled much.

She tried to concentrate on her reading but found it near impossible with the incessant banging going on. After a few minutes it seemed like the hammer was banging in her head.

Kagome was beginning to get a headache.

Then the noise had stopped and she looked up for a moment, as if finding it hard to believe the torment was over. She settled down, enjoying her few moments of quiet.

The sound of running feet down the hall alerted her to a visitor and she scowled as she looked up – the door slammed open rather rudely and Souta burst in carrying a shoe box. "Alright!" he shouted. "What did you do with Bessie?!"

"With who?!" Kagome snapped back.

"Bessie! My frog!" Souta yelled. "I left her in the box this morning – but I just got back and she was gone!"

"So – maybe she learnt to hop away – frogs do that!" Kagome turned away from him, pointedly putting her back to him and blocking him. He didn’t take the hint as he ran around her other side.

"The lid was on and the elastic band was around it – she couldn’t have escaped by herself! Someone let her out – it was you wasn’t it!"

"I didn’t even know you had a stupid frog!" she turned away from him again in her chair. "Get lost already!"

"I’ll tell Mom you’re wrecking my stuff!" he threatened.

"I’ll tell Mom you’re keeping Frogs in the back bedroom – not to mention frog spawn and minnows!" Kagome shot at him.

"So you DID know I had frogs!" He jabbed a finger at her back. "I knew it! You let Bessie out!"

"GET – OUT!" she roared, sending him shooting out the door, leaving it wide open in his wake.

Kagome threw down her book on top of her desk and went to slam it after him, unleashing all her anger and energy as the door crashed into its frame and rebounded straight back. She slammed it a second time, her anger only rising instead of being sated.

Then the hammer had started up again downstairs.

"I hate this house!" she yelled over the din. "I hate this place! Is it too much to wish for some peace and quiet for once!"

Almost instantly she clapped a hand over her mouth and looked around her, waiting for the Wishbringer to pop out and grant another flash decision wish. Nothing happened… then she remembered… Inuyasha wasn’t talking to her or listening to her… so there was a good chance he hadn’t heard that last comment… not that it had really been much of a solid wish. More like wishful thinking.

The hammer stopped downstairs… but she didn’t know how long that would last. Almost gloomily, she grabbed a different book from the shelf and flopped down onto her bed to catch up on some reaching.

For the rest of the afternoon, her mood began to lift as she read. Inuyasha temporarily left her troubled mind and Grandpa’s hammer didn’t disturb her anymore. The house was unusually quiet. She toyed with the thought that maybe Inuyasha had granted her wish after all and done it right for a change. But she hadn’t heard him say ‘As you wish’ so there wasn’t much chance of that happening. He hadn’t even been listening to her wish anyway.

Kagome turned the page of the old book, and caught a sudden tickle of dust in her nose. She lifted her hand to her nose as the sneeze accumulated, before her whole body spasmed as it sprang lose. She’d felt it reverberate through her chest and airways… but she hadn’t heard it. Normally she made very loud sneezes, or small ones that sounded like a snort. That had definitely been a loud one… but she hadn’t heard it.

She sat up suddenly, acutely aware of the bed springs straining beneath her weight. They always squeaked and groaned… but she heard nothing.

"Hello?" she said rather urgently, or at least tried to say. She didn’t even feel her vocal chords vibrate with her voice – she’d said nothing and she’d heard no gasp of air. She clapped her hands – she felt her palms slap together in what should have created sound – but the air around her seemed very still.

She tried to speak again – tried to say her name – but the only thing she felt come out was a rush of air. Her hand deliberately reached out to tip her book onto the floor. It landed with a silent thud, she felt the impact through the bed, and saw the small puff of dust that rose up.

I’m deaf… I can’t speak… I’m deaf!!! She mentally screamed. She tried to vocalise that scream, but once more she felt nothing but a gasp of air.

She stumbled off the bed to her desk and desperately pushed everything off it onto the floor, in a last ditch attempt to make some noise – but nothing reached her. She continually tried to scream ‘hello’ but she still felt no voice leave her throat. Panic welled up inside her as she ran for the door and began slamming it back and forth in its frame, but its noise fell on her deaf ears and she was beginning to feel breathless sobs rise up inside her. Tears leaked from her eyes as she went on slamming the doors, waiting for her ears to just pop and sound to return. She sobbed… but without a voice, it hurt her throat.

Something hit the back of her head and she whipped around suddenly, a hand flying to the place a pen had hit her and fixing wide, terrified eyes on Inuyasha. She couldn’t hear it, but she could see he was laughing and holding up a jotter that he’d written on.

The words were, ‘As you wish’.

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