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Thread: Our attraction is hate

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    Our attraction is hate

    I watch you when you sleep
    I grin at your face as you weep
    I gently stroke your bruised face
    The scars from you fall from grace
    I pity you as your body dies
    The agony in your breath only cries
    Slowly your soul ebbs away
    Whispering gently for me to stay
    As you linger to your mortal life
    Slowly I discard this knife
    Watching your heart burn in pain
    To know that in your death my eyes did not rain
    Those tender words you don’t dare to speak
    Those which would make you weak
    As your soul twists and curls to wriggle free from your mortal coil
    So shall the tears flow from my eyes like the rivers of yore carved its path through the mountains
    Creating the scars in the rock
    Reminding us of the inevitability of life as time flows from the river
    Constantly changing, forever moving, so shall your soul reach
    For divinity
    Endlessly searching for perfection
    As time disowns your poor soul
    You become lost, unable to proceed forward, preserving your spirit for
    A stronger mortal to fight me back
    You lose your will to persist your perfection and forget what we had
    At our last
    Our intimate hate


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    Re: Our attraction is hate

    Once again, I'm breathtaken. You have a real raw talent.
    I love how you pait the picture and word it.
    It's wonderful. you're a great writter. a lot of people would love to have your talent. so don't waist it.
    I think I've known you all along.
    I just lost your face in the crowed for a while.
    I think I've been holding my breath all my life, until you found me here tonight.
    So ask me now and I'll run away with you.

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