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Thread: Our Dream

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    Our Dream

    The collision of our hearts
    They were never measured
    Never known

    As it was
    The time flew by
    With us never saying our good byes
    Oh how much I love to see your eyes
    I don't care about the about the why's
    I like to hear our hello's and hi's

    As I can close my eyes and dream
    A dream that’s sweet as the chocolate flavored ice-cream
    And swim in a love mixed stream
    And sleep on this carpet of comfort that’s so green

    Oh, how much
    I want to see you
    Run to you
    And with my arms to always hold you

    As I continue to dream
    My everlasting dream

    I wonder…

    Why not?
    Let me open my eyes

    As I open them
    The warm light that’s so much like moon
    It took my eyes to see
    The smiling angel in front of me
    Her eyes so calm like the sea

    Hi there…I said
    She replied with nothing but a sweet smile
    I kept wondering and began to ask the loving white winged angel

    Why are you here?
    Is it ….
    For your arms to protect me?
    Or is it for your eyes to keep holding me?

    She replied with nothing but an everlasting kiss
    So warm…
    So loving…

    Our hearts loved each other
    But that came with the world highest fee
    And that’s for our hearts to be set free

    My love…
    You and me on top of a red rose tree
    Drinking our love flavored tea

    My angel…

    Your shining white wings,
    Are representing the stars

    Your beauty
    Is right there, taking the moons place

    Oh my love
    My undying beautiful case
    And you, my sweet warm face

    Oh how much I want to
    Hold you
    Run to you
    And love you

    I can not…
    Until our unfading dream comes

    The dream
    That we open our eyes to see
    Our love sailing on top of the sea's

    Together forever we may finally be
    Our care
    Our love

    We together shall hold our pencil and write down our love in history
    While our arms are holding you and me
    Our dream shall forever be, Our kisses key
    You and me
    Together watching the love shaped sunset that was meant to be

    We shall breathe
    Each others jasmine breeze
    As our kisses settle down the raging oceans and sea's

    "Loving You" is carved on our hearts
    Together is revived each time we hug
    Forever is singing for each time we hold hands and kiss
    Eternity is sleeping with us each time we love and miss

    My love ...
    I shall complete this poem
    With my final words

    My love is forever sealed with yours
    My compassion is only for your eyes to see
    And my kiss is for only your lips to feel

    My love
    I shall say this today, tomorrow and for eternity

    I love you…
    Power -xxx- aka -M.Ali
    I Fly Swiftly through the air
    I Spread My Wings Without A trace

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    Shichibukai JefferyXie may be famous one day JefferyXie may be famous one day JefferyXie's Avatar
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    Re: Our Dream

    Wow..that poem just blown my mind.Nice use of imagery,great choice of words and by reading this,i can feel the passion,the love...I enjoyed this poem.

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