Silent she stands
in her gentle way,
growing old and wise,
knowing nature's ways,
our Elder - my Nokomis.

Soft silence on her tongue,
her smile, kind and warm,
speaks no harsh words
towards humankind.

Listen closely to others -
the weak she shows compassion,
the strong she gives encouragement,
to those that seek her counsel
her time has no hours.

Nokomis - our Elder - speaks:

Follow the red blood in your veins.
It flows like the rivers of the earth
out to the sea.
Take care of the body,
it is like the limbs of the tree -
its roots grow deep.
If you create hurt upon to you
and then
your children - our people;
as cutting off the branches
will destroy the tree
and then
the forest - our lives.
You are young
and have many things to learn.
Follow in the tracks of my moccasins
and you will learn,
and, as you pass through the years,
a calm understanding will come.

When I am gone
in body
you will be here
in my place; you, my child,
will be our Elder - our Nokomis.