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Thread: Over!

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    Its finished...
    Like a mortal combat fatality.
    So sick...
    ...Of such a self serving mentality.
    You live in LA LA LAND.
    This is REALITY!
    And I will not want more from you beyond the technicalities.

    But to you... if its fine,
    the sun is shining... then who cares?
    Who cares what you push aside for what's not really there?
    Unfortunately to those of us who are well aware,
    Exaggerations, fabrications... seem so damned unfair.

    I wont be pushed aside again. I'll just let you run.
    If it feels good... do it.
    As long as you're having fun....
    But when you've trampled on your garden...
    ... can you be saved by psuedo sun?
    When your facade melts away...
    Remember that I'm done.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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    Re: Over!

    I loved this. The wording I found perfect and the triumph I felt for you at the end was awesome. <3

    You never really loved me/You never really cared/It was all just a game to boost your ego/Those feelings never really there/ I'm filing emotional bankruptcy/My heart can take no more debt/Theres no more "money" there to spend. === Besides tee hee SHE loves me!

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