This is my goodbye to you
My old pain, my old love
I'll grow because of what you did to me
Through this pain I will thrive

But I have a few things to say
On this ending note
Because after this
I'll never speak to you again

A part of me really wants you to be happy
To feel the warmth of love in someone else's embrace
But the other part of me wants you to suffer

Let pain and anguish teach you a lesson
Feel the burn of rejection
Maybe it would teach you to grow up
To stop acting like a child

I only wish I could say this to your face
You liar
You disgraceful pig

For my own sake I will be happy without you
I will walk hand in hand with my one true love
I will forget the pain of your betrayl
And I will learn to live life
And live it well

I only hope you learn a lesson
Just like I did
Never stray to love another
When the one is right in front of you