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Thread: "The Packages" A Poem for Halloween

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    "The Packages"

    Be warned, it's a story poem, and it's gross. I wrote it for a contest a long time ago. It sort of fit a halloween picture i drew ^^

    You lie there
    Almost dead
    So I grab a knife
    And rip off your head.

    Then gently
    I put it into place
    And then stare quietly
    At your lifeless face

    The smell of fresh blood
    Runs through the air
    But I won't stop
    Nor will I dare

    I start with the skin
    Skinning you from head to toe
    It seems it would hurt
    But you will never know

    It makes a ripping sound
    Each time till I'm done
    Oh the beautiful sound
    This is what I call fun

    I galg out your eyes
    And place them in a jar
    I plan to send them off
    But not to far

    Next is the limbs
    Just one all alone
    I cut each off
    Deep through the bone

    The sound of the crackling bone
    Echoes loudly off the walls
    Along with the dripping sound of blood
    As it slowly and gently falls

    I clip off you fingers
    With a loud crack
    It's not like you need them
    Or even want them back

    I pull out your teeth
    All perfectly white
    It's sad though really
    Your not putting up a fight

    Slowly I cut of your ears
    Flesh to stainless steal
    I can only imagine
    The pain you would feel

    I cut out your organs
    Every single one
    This isn't really fair
    I'm almost done

    I clean up the mess
    Not much to clean
    But I have to make sure
    No blood can be seen

    Slow and gentle into the boxes
    I place things down
    Now your broken little body
    Can never be found

    Even though the things in this sound horrific... The person slowly and gently does everything, and is nice enough to completly kill the person before they do so.

    Come dance in the rain with me, no one is watching.

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    Re: "The Packages" A Poem for Halloween

    xD nicely done lol i dont know why but i really find a little humor in this only becuase its really close to halloween maybe you should enter this in the POM lol i would surely vote for it. i loved the details you made me feel like i was standing right there looking at was going on lol^^
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    Re: "The Packages" A Poem for Halloween

    Have you ever seen Ginea Pig: Flowers of Flesh and Blood? This soo reminded me of that! Only, in the movie the vicim doesn't die right away (or ever, since it's acting).

    Cool poem, it was a bit rocky at parts. But its goreyness made it all better.
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