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Thread: Pain of Betrayal

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    Pain of Betrayal

    I don't understand
    why I hurt so much
    deep inside
    I've lost friends before
    whether they died or otherwise
    But this is different

    This pain runs deep
    too deep in fact
    The pain creates a deep void
    within my heart
    depper than the one
    that already exists

    I know people typically feel this way
    when they lose a soulmate
    but that isn't the case.

    Everyone says losing a boyfriend
    or a girlfriend is hard
    but losing a friend
    who is like family to you
    is even harder and hurts even more
    even when the connection runs deep
    too deep.

    The pain isn't easy to bear
    different than physical pain
    it runs deep inside your heart
    almost crushing it entirely

    I promised I would never do anything
    stupid but now that isn't the case
    I want to do something
    to make the pain go away
    but nothing comes to mind
    I just want my mind and my heart
    to be numb
    so I can have peaceful dreams for tonight
    and so I can forget what has happened and move on..

    But even I know that is impossible
    For the pain is too deep
    for me even to bear
    I do want to end it all
    but at what price will I
    have to pay
    to cross the River Styx
    onto the afterlife
    Is it worth losing someone
    who is close to me?
    Maybe, maybe not
    Who knows?

    Only time will tell
    But for now
    I have to sleep
    tomorrow is a new day

    For now I can only stair at the bridge
    that is now burning
    and can only wait till a new one
    has been built up
    in it's place.

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    Re: Pain of Betrayal

    A very good poem, I can feel your Pain. The wound will heal but like any deep wound it will take time. Look forward to that new bridge for it will take you to a new adventure.

    Anything is Pawsable
    Growing old is Mandatory-Growing up is Optional

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