I'm just in that type of mood today.

Pain Carnivore (Gored).

I’m clawing into my eye sockets,
The mush wet between fingers,
Liquids ooze from the pink holes,
Salivating the skin as it trickles down.

I see only a black nothing,
Hiding away the strange surroundings.
How I longed to return home,
But home forgot me in this exile.

The empty void that is me,
Sees for the first time in clarity,
Sights bear no feelings, but longing,
And so I understand the calm.

The pain pulses as my head throbs,
Gnashing at the back of my mind,
Veins pumping and throbbing,
Threatening to burst from the skin.

I claw the back of my head,
Tearing out the pain from the flesh.
I peel and stretch in a frantic rage,
Clawing the skull as hair mats in blood.

Fingernails break against the bone,
Fingertips slip from meat and skin,
This pain inside of my mind,
The hate of this place in time.

I break through the bone,
The soft texture inside.
I smile finally for what I wanted,
And I grip some with broken fingers.

Oh how it tastes, this mind of mine.
I eat away all the pain,
And lay down to sleep again.
Forever still in this place and time.