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Thread: Painful love.

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    Painful love.

    All right, I won’t brag on about this
    Love is love
    Learn, live, lust, and leave
    Sweet as anything, fake as everything

    But not everyone knows the true side of love.
    Completely opposite to the one you experience.
    It’s hard. Painful. Bitter.
    Only the ones who have experienced the misery of tearing apart
    From their loves, know this feeling.

    Love is only meant to relieve you of your sadness.
    It’s supposed to toughen you up and ready you for real world.
    It’s not like the sweet side of love will be there forever…
    People do crazy things for love. Break up and suffer.
    Then you will know what reality is.

    To love is to hate. Not to love is the reality.
    It doesn’t matter if you’re in love or not
    It’s painful enough to be torn apart from your precious people
    I won’t use simple words like pain and suffering
    You’ll see what I mean

    Have you ever experienced to fall in love let alone have a child?
    It’s heavenly painful how you feel,
    When you’re snatched away from your beloved one.
    To have a child to love and care for is pleasing…

    But, to be ragged away by your child AND wife.
    Imagine how horribly deplorable it is.
    Because of what should I be suffering?

    You convinced me you loved me,
    I loved you more. You told me we’ll be together,
    I happily agreed to keep you safe after the tragic event.
    Though the child was not ours we still agreed to keep it.

    But you left me in a flash because of a stupid misunderstanding.
    What about the times when you broke my heart and trust, dearest?
    I kept misery inside and reflected back as a smile.
    Telling its okay… people make mistakes.

    Don’t you remember Hun? Of what
    I went through to keep you safe and smiling?
    Because of you, to keep your smile
    To let you live, I forgave every one of your mistakes and showed you a better way.
    But when I made a mistake that wasn’t as serious as yours’
    You left me behind. Tearing me apart.
    Taking our daughter away saying I broke your trust.
    How did I? Why even change her name that was after me…

    Dragging my soul away.
    Leaving me in the cold…
    Now I regret falling in love
    It’s made me miserable like a pup in the rain

    Now you’re probably with other guy,
    Who doesn’t know a thing about you and your mistakes.
    If you always wanted me to suffer
    Then why let me fall in love?

    Now I see why not everyone loves,
    Because it’s painful in the end,
    Not everyone has a happy ending a side always suffers
    Love is painful. Pain is misery. Light is solution. Solution is love.

    Well everyone makes mistakes, and learns from them
    I learnt it’s stupid to fall in love
    Because if your partner doesn’t understand a thing
    You will suffer like an idiot.

    This is a poem and I wrote how I feel, okay? No dramas [I'm serious -__-]

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    Re: Painful love.

    After I read this poem... I feel depressed, I don't know how I feel this way... It brag me down and maybe if I'm a girl...
    Its good for me to cry...
    Hmmm... Very deep, yet emotional... Its an awesome work that comes from how you feel... I like this one...

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    Re: Painful love.

    R-Rushil.....*sniff* Your poem its...I like it but it gave me sadness...I can't even explain the feeling it gave more
    ♥ (¯'·._.·[GEISHA ゲイシャ]·._.·'¯) ♥

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    Re: Painful love.

    Rave........tht was very good but it made me very sad.........and i bet it made you even sader..................try to make a happy poem about bunnies or ponies.
    Shippo is determined to become a lvl higher
    I'm a solider of Pen and Paper!
    <3 Atomik_Sprout <3

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