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Thread: A Pair Of Opposites.

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    A Pair Of Opposites.

    So hard to start, don’t know where to begin
    The overwhelming dilemma
    The occasional trauma
    The recent incidents
    To frequent accidents

    The dents in my body,
    The vents in my wounds
    The carnage of my mind
    The blasphemy in my eyes

    Like everything, it started on the day
    Where you and I met, face to face, eyes to eyes
    Smile to smile … secrets to secrets …
    Hands to be held, hearts to be shared

    Something’s not right
    There is a stench of upheaval, the rise of
    Perplexity in the air
    Like the idiot I am, it takes me a while to realize,
    The void of tribulation awaits me

    Now that I look back at it, I feel foolish either way
    I didn’t realize nor should I’ve chosen to oppose this,
    To fall for my stupid mistake again…

    I wonder who to blame,
    I drown in the overall shame
    I repent for taking this path, where I am now
    I look down, casting my own shadow, eyes half closed

    Tears wont flow,
    Crying wont help
    Nor my envisage would help me escape
    This unpleasant, thorny, hurtful, whimpering reality

    I still ask myself these questions…
    Was all the passion, compassion, determination for waste?
    Was there not enough heart and soul in “I love you”?
    Was all the time wasted, spent and sacrificed for granted?

    Why did you hide you true self?
    Why did you not confide in me?
    Why didn’t you tell me of your true pain?
    What was the reason for your untimely yet frequent betrayal?

    Were those tears for fake?
    Were those smiles for real?
    Oh how you mesmerize me, oh void of tribulation…

    She cant even say I love you to me
    Nor would she talk to me
    Nor does she wants to get too close too me because she is scared

    I understand she's going through a though time
    Not that she cares about me knowing that I’m always there for her
    She cares, believe me, deeply inside she does even if
    She doesn't want to show it or say it
    I doubt it

    She wouldn’t tell me everything
    She has her reasons to lie
    She would say yes to her guys no matter what they do

    Why push me away when I’m too close to you?
    Why intentionally lie to me, expecting us to separate?
    Why come back to me, wanting me to hold you?

    Why don’t you realize that that this confusion is killing me!

    … I know you still care
    I know … that I don’t want you to be heartless again
    Why do you act so stupid …?
    [And make me write so much …?]

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    Re: A Pair Of Opposites.

    The words in this poem are excellent and the usage of them is too.......
    But the ending of this poem.......was sort of abrupt.......and kind of did not make sense to me.......
    But all together.....this is a nice poem

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    Re: A Pair Of Opposites.

    sweet and sad poem Rave....it tells a story a sad oneT_T ...anyway good job you did describe in a very good way your feelings you put rhymes too^^ so i think it's ok

    Quote Originally Posted by Rave_Grip View Post
    [And make me write so much …?]
    -this is the only thing that makes some light in the poem jk^^
    keep up the good work

    "If you need something to worship, then worship life - all life, every last crawling bit of it! We're all in this beauty together!" - Frank Herbert

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