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Thread: Peace in Many Forms

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    Peace in Many Forms

    ...this poem was different from my others..I tried a different, less rhymning way of writing it...please be critical and tell me what you think! Thank you.

    Peace In Many Forms

    Peace comes in many forms
    The soft scent of a new day...
    The silence of a dark night...
    The feel of rain on your cheek...
    The touch of soft sheets to your body...
    The smell of a tasteful gingerbread candle...
    The light chirp of crickets at dusk...
    The taste of pure honey on your tongue...
    The sight of the moon in the dark...
    All of these bring tranquility to me
    But the most peaceful time is when I can...
    Touch your skin...
    Smell your scent...
    Hear your voice...
    See your face...
    And taste your lips...
    Because peace comes in many different forms...

    by Majime

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    Re: Peace in Many Forms

    This was very nice. Oustanding infact! You used the five sences magnificently in this piece. And because of that, you went above and beyond imagery. I could hear and even taste your poem!!!
    ... Not Ever Again...

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    Re: Peace in Many Forms

    Another good poem by Majime... this is very nice... I like it very much, especially the starting... when you go to "I can- touch your skin..." it kind of hits me out, the rythme is broken there, it's ok, but it would be better if you'd put some adjectives or smth. there...

    Sill, I'd say you've done a wonderful work here- you've written a wonderful poem that makes us thing about the things that are really important in life, makes us understand that we have to enjoy each moment of our lifes...

    I loved reading this and I wish to see more...

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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