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Thread: Perception!

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    A man stands on his front porch
    and see's the world around him
    thinking how lucky he is to have
    everything he has.

    Strangers pass by a house seeing
    a man standing there staring out
    into his yard , they think he is sad
    because all they see is the drug dealers
    on the street corner , a hooker walking the

    He stands there and thinks back on when
    he had it bad but now he lives somewhere
    that has so many diferent things to offer
    like a job or maybe even a place to put
    up that swimming pool like he always wanted.

    As the strangers drive by they see how
    he stands there with a tear and they think
    he wishes to be away from from all this trash
    as they see it, then there gone.

    As the sun goes down and the moon
    rises he finaly walks back inside thanking
    god for what he has and loves his life like
    it could be his last day on earth.

    Why must life be percieved so difrently?
    life can be so much better for one but it
    could be hell from somone elses point of view.

    this poem is about how people see things
    from my point of view an old shack by a lake
    with nothing by a fishing hole and a few
    cloths and some food is awesome , but for someone
    else it looks like i am having problems.

    in the end one persns happiness is anothers
    nightmare if only poeple could see this..

    comments and sugestions are welcomed
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    Re: Perception!

    Yes, its true that we'll precieve things differently. We all like different things. And, I think we're all on different levels.

    Like, someone who appreciates life. Has a higher sense of self.

    And ,those who are looking for the next best thing. Those people who are looking for validation. They're looking for Approval.

    While those who hate life... Have very little self worth. And they usually end up thinking nobody is worth anything.

    I bounce between the first and third of those options... Maybe I really DO have bi-polar....lol.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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    Re: Perception!

    omg great poem it really represent people's way of seeing things.others their life with just a pebble and love is all they need.but other people just want to have everything in the world.I'm glad and proud and always will be happy for what i have.really good job it made my innerself come out.^^maybe it will make other people see that too.
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    Re: Perception!

    A great poem!!! You've perfectly managed to show the different thoughts of these people... it's great because people can deffinetely lear something from this...
    People have to learn to love what they have- only a person, who is able to just stand on his/her porch and enjoy the view, can be truly happy...

    I relly, really like this poem and I will be waiting for more ^^

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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