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Thread: "The Person Inside of Us"

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    "The Person Inside of Us"

    Theres a person inside all of us,
    Just waiting to come out
    They are totally different from us
    We know what they will do to us.

    But keeping it in is only killing us,
    Making us want to be better....
    Making us want to be different,
    Every day is the same,
    they're trying to get out.

    We're not letting them,
    If we do friends will turn against us,
    people will be afraid of us,
    It is our choice let them out,
    or keep them in?
    Some if we let them out will only kill us.

    Others will make us happier,
    We know which one it is by our past....
    So which one is yours?
    Friend or foe?
    Some will keep your rage in and troubles,
    If you let it out you will do things you would never do.

    If you let it out you can't control your body,
    Because it won't be your body,
    are you going to let it out?
    on the other hand,
    only want to make you happy....
    Making you forget your troubles and anger.

    But we wont allow them,
    We want to remember,
    They want to forget.....
    It will always be the war of fate.

    Who will win?
    It is up to you,
    The person inside of you win or you?
    The choice is yours,
    Not mine

    ( Meaning: You have a person inside of you, the real you. But you just don't want to show people it. Either afraid to, or just don't want to. )

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    Re: "The Person Inside of Us"

    Yahh I agree what you say in this poem ...but if the other person come out ...*omg*...so we should keep it ...by the way it a nice poem i love it ...
    keep it up....

    Foolish beating

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    Re: "The Person Inside of Us"

    i love it is very emotional and very strong words keep it up hope to see more♥da princess
    Yeah, Bye.

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    Re: "The Person Inside of Us"

    Interesting...it seemed like a poem yet it didn't...it was very different...I loved it! The meaning is very true...and I agree with everything you say. I'll give it a 9 and a half ^-^...the only thing I wish you would have done different is a bit more description...but keep working on it...i'll be looking for more
    Dear Dinah...

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    Re: "The Person Inside of Us"

    True true!!! All true what you have said in this poem! I loved it cause of all the emotions in this and true words as well! I hope to see more of your amazing work!
    「When I'm sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead」

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