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Thread: Personal space

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    Personal space

    Not wanting to be drowned
    never wanting to be bothered
    my heart is messed up
    and no one knows,
    but i still keep smilling.

    Invaded, abused, harassed
    something that others don't see.
    My mind is reeling,
    I feel i can't breathe,
    My mind in a panic.

    Feeling like i was dirt
    everytime others touched me
    I try not to think malice
    I try not to malign,
    but invaded for the hundredth time.

    I try to smile and not think
    yet my heart contiues to race.
    I try to be who i am
    yet i end up being ,
    what others want me to be.
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    Re: Personal space

    Wow... this was quite good. It was very intense, and the subject matter is such a real topic. But not one you often see in a poetic format, which makes this original too.
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    Re: Personal space

    Whoa, that was very informative. Very nice with words. I know this might sound weird coming from a guy, but that poem was short, sweet, and to the point with talking about issues women face.

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