I called first... And the phone rang twice.

I choked.
Hung up.

I knew he wouldn't listen to me.
It would just be precieved as my stalking.
So sick of being the annoyance.
The joke.
But I had so much to say.

I waited a while....
Fighting with myself on weather to call back.
And I hit redial.
As the phone began to ring... I froze.
Quickly I shoved the phone on to my 2 year olds ear.
He LOVES to talk on the phone.
And since it was his dad... I knew the decision would be appreciated.

I sat closely... listening.
On the other end I heard his dads excitement.
...I love you!.....
Maybe your nana will come and pick you up...
... you wanna come over?....."

I heard the toddler responses...
"yuh you....
...come o'er?"

Then I grabbed the phone...
Pretending to be surprised.
The voice on the other end went from happy to

Here we go again.