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Thread: Photographs

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    She gave me photos two nights ago,
    they're from 2005, I believe.
    They're photos of when we went out
    to Fargo; me, her and Steve.

    I finger through the pics
    we took of us at the park.
    I noticed standing next to
    me made Steve look really dark.

    There were a few from New year's
    Eve, when we got really, really drunk.
    And then I found more Fargo pics,
    that's when my heart sunk...

    Photographs of her and I
    holding eachother close.
    The memories came flooding
    in. Here's what hurts the most:

    These photos show the two
    of us, so alive and carefree.
    The look in her eyes clearly
    show that she was so happy!

    That was me! I did that!
    I was the one to make her smile!
    Why couldn't I keep up the
    effort to repeat it once in a while?!

    I slipped up, lost my chance,
    now I guess I'm stuck alone...
    Waiting for the day that she
    decides to come back home.

    Until then, these photos I will
    keep very close to my heart.
    Thank you for the memories,
    they are, to me, a work of art.

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    Re: Photographs

    "I noticed standing next to
    me made Steve look really dark."
    I thought this was gramatically incorrect until I re-read it. I'm over tired obviously. But anyways, This was fabulously written. The sentiment was a little....flatter then most of your work, but how much you treasure said photographs is apparent.
    Good work.

    You never really loved me/You never really cared/It was all just a game to boost your ego/Those feelings never really there/ I'm filing emotional bankruptcy/My heart can take no more debt/Theres no more "money" there to spend. === Besides tee hee SHE loves me!

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