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Thread: The piano and the man

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    The piano and the man

    A small concert piano, in a run down shop.
    Waiting to be bought.

    A man, with no future or past.
    Walking down the street in the knowing of his fate.

    He came upon the shop and entered.
    With a surprise of it's beauty he gasped at the piano.

    The piano remembered him as a child.
    A small one who could not keep his hands off.

    The man played small songs he remembered and sang along.
    The piano played as clear as it had been that day.

    In the end the man left...not returning.
    The piano stayed still yearning.

    A few years passed and that same man came back.
    He bought up the piano and took it home to his new family.

    There the piano stayed.
    Each generation it was played.
    When the strings were worn and the keys tarnished,
    the piano sadly was at it's end.

    This generations boy, who loved the piano had it re-varnished.
    The piano held it's place in the dining room next to the fireplace,
    played silent songs...

    For the piano it was enough.
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    Re: The piano and the man

    Interesting alternating between your two poems. They have two very different feels and yet both seem to result in sort of a death. I will say... if I had to pick one, to stand alone, It'd be "The man and The Piano" (Which I may go back and comment on.)

    One thing that I really like about this poem is the personification of an object. To imagine a piano with a life, memories,companionship, a death.... Even somewhat of an afterlife. It's really quite creative!
    ... Not Ever Again...

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