titled: hoSes Riddle

Riddle me this, Riddle me that
Stunning your eyes when I lay it flat,
I'm multicolored, but not multitask,
slow and steady, when I move so fast

Rocking and rolling, I come to a stop,
Sitting and standing, my style like pop,
Slipping and sliding, when I'm not around,
Flat on your ass, lost and not found

Riddle me this, I give life a twist,
without my cover, your outfit's a risk,
Absorbed in my patterns, the ladies adore,
Killing them softly, now make me your chore

Jealous of my looks, you play by the book,
Give me a place, and i'll stay out of trace,
I come big and small, i'm famous off the wall,
lay down your red mat, now Riddle me that

P.S. No seriousness here...it's playtime!