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    The pills that I'm poping go poppety pop...
    In my head of insanity I see furry red dots,
    It bothers me not for I'm as high as a kite,
    Legally so,
    Because It's what the doctor prescribes.

    Prozac is candy when mixed with pie,
    codine is fun when place in your eye,
    Nyquil is better when you all want to drive,
    But using heavy equitment is way out of line,
    I sometimes get drowsy mixung Advil and Spleen.

    Morphine is fine except for dreams,
    I once saw a lamb dancing on glass,
    And the Elvis sightings are a pain in the ass,
    He stole my fried chicken without a care...
    But the joke was on me...
    'cause it was never was there.

    So as I dozed off in my prescribtion bought dream,
    want my free Heath Care so I can get high as I please.

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    Re: "Pillz-E"

    Ummm.... No. Nice try thief.

    Collecting quotes from a character and putting them all together does not a poem make.

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