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Thread: Please God No....

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    I am sitting here helpless,
    as I'm unable to believe.
    He stabbed himself in the chest,
    and now lies to bleed.

    His sister online with me,
    as she wonders what to do.
    I type as fast as I can,
    hoping to get through.

    I wish I could gain powers,
    so I could be the rescue to them.
    Thier caretaker sister already dead,
    and now him...

    I pray that she doesn't,
    try to take her life.
    and here I was crying over,
    my pain and my strife.

    the ambulance is on it's way,
    dear God don't let him die.
    I care too much for them....
    Don't let this be his last time to cry.

    -White Rose-

    "Phil... Sarah... I pray that you will find meaning in this God forsaken world."

    Yes... this happened... I just pray that they are alright. It's why I'm still on.
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