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Thread: Please Notice My Accomplishments

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    Please Notice My Accomplishments

    Please Notice My Accomplishments
    Please just hear me out,
    Ears clogged up? I'll gladly shout,
    for one to notice just my name..
    I'd quietly play any game.

    Look at me please, look how I cry
    Please take a look, even with a sty
    Acknowledge my existence, that is my plea
    Does my ambition make me crazy?

    To be noticed that is my dream
    So far away, so distant it seems
    All alone in this world known as home
    Do you hear my cry, as I travel and roam?

    I've finally done it, someone finally sees..
    Just how useful I can actually be,
    Ive come across that person for me
    Even though she's smaller, small as can be.

    First of all, I'd like to state that THIS IS NOT A LOVE POEM, I already did that one ^_^, this is an acknowledgment poem a laugh at all those whom ever put me down. So, ha. Hahahahahaha! Eat it. >_>

    Edit:Son of a... how'd I manage this one.. I need sleep, sorry just move it to the proper forum >_<
    Edit2: Disregard the previous edit, I had put it in the debate/discuss forum because I wasnt paying attention but, as you can see it's now in poems so.. its all a mute point.
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    Re: Please Notice My Accomplishments

    Well done you have been noticed by me and the whole family here at AO,
    so to the people who dont know you. tough luck.
    but this is very good for a poem written with lack of sleep.

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    Re: Please Notice My Accomplishments

    I dunno.... I am a little dissapointed that I am only the second comment. I thought it would've been fitting for you to get several responses to this. It is very well written with smooth rythm. I like that part about looking, even with a sty. That sounded a bit painful
    ... Not Ever Again...

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    Re: Please Notice My Accomplishments

    thats i good one especially with lack of sleep and also that you jsut wanted to get noticed by some of the other members thats takes guts to say hey here i am ready to be noticed by some one plz don't take offense i to have alck up sleep so i am getting off here cause i have class at 8 and then work so good luck and by srry if i just rambled on
    Rikku's Lover

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