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Thread: "A poem"

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    "A poem"

    Crossroad of the nass,
    fishtrapping, maker of nets
    Partaker in meeting and out Nation's
    seconnd power:
    gossiping, drinking, lying
    Village of the closed eyes:
    All say you hold nothing for me, I know this, your
    never ebding parade of drunkerds call me.

    They comfide that you rob people of their lives. I answered "yes"
    for I view battered wives and children silence.

    Then they screm that you're beastly. I wishper back: On
    out gravel road I have withnessed many beatings.

    After my response I turn to add some more, even though
    they do not ask.

    Rise up and present to me a village more woven togerther
    by family, love, and experience
    No one goes unnoticed,
    no one goes unfed,
    no one is ever alone,
    and everyone gets a bed.

    Strong as a mountain standing still in time, as sneaky as a
    crow getting into everything,
    born, living, dying
    Into the house, blood all over hands, wanting a drink
    with fierceness.

    Below the rules of ancestors wishpering in your
    speaking as a professor of life would during a

    Gossiping and ignoring that in her chest is the
    heart, it is the heart of the people

    Gossiping the old, bitter, beaten, housewives, married young,
    unhappy, proud to be the crossroads, fish trapping
    maker of nets, partaker in meetings, and our Nations
    second power.

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    Re: "A poem"

    Nice poem and it's actually pretty cool and I LOVE HOW YOU NAMED YOUR POEM AS WELL!!!!!!! This poem really states the facts thats for sure!!! So I hope to see more!!! Plus I really like the pic you set there!!!
    「When I'm sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead」

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