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Thread: Poem: "Broken Heart"

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    Poem: "Broken Heart"

    I leave a broken heart in your hands
    No strings attached, no strands...
    A fragile package that says "handle with care"
    Easily can be shattered, so beware...

    A timid moment; being frightened of being scared
    Yearning for the outcome,
    anticipating that one in a lifetime moment to appear...
    Where the destination of regretfulness and sorrow doesn't resides there

    I leave a broken heart in your hands
    Can you not grasp the intensity of the situation or do you not understand
    I am not a robot, does it not compute I am still a man...
    No man of steel, so please don't throw away or recycle my love just because you can

    I want you to be my redemption for a heart that is damned
    I hope I am not asking for too much cause not saying anything isn't enough
    Protective over my precious gift, since many times I've been manipulated by trust

    I guess I haven't learned my lesson and
    won't be satisfied until my heart is crushed
    Pulverized into smithereens, is this just; or just is

    I leave a broken heart in your hands and that is
    what believing in love just is....
    Wanting the artist whom captured your heart to paint a
    beautiful picture, but not knowing what will be displayed on the canvas..

    I leave a broken heart in you hands
    "Show me your colors of love" is what my heart commands...
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    The heart can't lie... Truth is... I love you!!!

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    Re: Poem: "Broken Heart"

    Woa, that was awesome!!! I could really relate to the 5th paragraph.

    Death is as generation is, a composition of like elements, and a decompostion into the same.

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